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Our last full day in Mexico City and to cram in more good eating, we headed to Contramar. It’s a place touted as the best seafood restaurant in town. And if you ask any local, they would agree. I would to after our visit here. The food was great and the servers do their best to accommodate. Yeah, there are English speaking servers and menus to make anyone American happy. They have the tourists covered. And while it may be catered to us, they do a great job with the food.

The restaurant is nestled in the heart of Roma with lines starting to form at 12:30 PM, the time we got there. While everyone wanted to be outside, the weather was wonderful so who can blame them, we went for a table inside. The larger tables were in there. While it looked empty, the place filled up fast. My best advice for this place is to come early to secure a table.

The service appeared chaotic, but it was a well orchestrated mayhem that got everyone what they needed. We weren’t sure if we had one server or not. What ended up happening was one took the majority of orders and another one helped us with the fish order, the most important one to get right. And so glad he did. We would have been so unhappy if we got a small one, which was recommended because of all the food we ordered (imagine multiple orders from the pictures below). So by the end of our lunch, we were stuffed. No regrets, no shame, of the battlefield of empty dishes left behind. I’m so glad we beat the crowds on this one.


Calle de Durango 200
06700 Ciudad de México
CDMX, Mexico
+52 55 5514 9217

Verdict: If you’re on a budget, just go here and get the fish. You have to have it.


We started off with their marinated tuna, with crispy leeks, avocado, and chipotle mayo tostadas. A crispy and light way to kick off our lunch.

$199 MXD for 4 pieces

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Soupa de Pescado

Thanks to a small tooth ache, I went for the fish & tomato soup with snook, a local Mexican fish. It was exactly what I needed.

$129 MXD

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Tacos Salteados Campechanos

To continue on my taco binge we ordered the shrimp and octopus in chile adobo. It comes with tortillas for you to fashion your own tacos.

$259 MXD

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Shrimp & Octopus Taco

And here's mine... and one of the three avocado slices. Don't worry, you can always ask for more.

Albóndigas de Pescado en Salsa Morita

We also tried the snook meatballs in spicy morito chile sauce. It's served with black beans and rice. A mellow dish that doesn't pack that much heat. Your mileage may vary.

$297 MXD

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Pescado a la Talla, Contramar

And we had to order the signature dish of the restaurant. A full fish with one half red chilli adobo rub and the other half a parsley rub. Beside being a beauty, this fish was moist and magnificent. You'll find yourself going from one side to the other trying to figure out which one is your favorite. You know what, they both are.

$387 MXD per 1/2 kg (pictured 1 kg)

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The Dessert Tray

By the end of the meal we were greeted with a ginormous tray of sweets. We were so full, but still...

Flan Cheesecake

We had to try something. Something not too heavy... like a cheesecake? What's wrong with us!?! Ok ok, we shared this.

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