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All You Need is the Klaw Platter

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Klaw is a little seafood shop within the Temple Bar area. It’s not too hard to find unless you’ve had your fair share of pints at the local pubs. But I will add that it’s pretty small. Inside, there are about four tables on one side with single seating along the wall. If you’re at the tables, you’ll be right next to the menu which takes up the whole wall. Toward the back is their kitchen where you can spy on your neighbor’s order in the making. It’s a casual and playful place with customer drawings hanging off the walls and a staff that’s ever so social. Without them, I would have never found out the table next to me was from my hometown.

It’s a small world indeed.

To keep things simple after a long day of work, I went with their signature seafood platter. It may seem like a lot, and for many is, but for me, it was a perfect way to end the day. Paired up with a couple pints of Guinness and I was ready to hit the sheets after I was done. This was a good start into the Ireland’s dedication to good honest seafood.


5A Crown Alley
Temple Bar
Dublin 2
+353 1 549 3443

Verdict: A decent option for seafood as your stumbling from pub to pub.

The Klaw Platter

The seafood platter includes a crab, raw oysters, shrimp, smoked salmon, and half a lobster. There's a side of buttered toast that goes great with the salmon.

€45 EUR

Ox Impressions: 

Dressed Oysters

There were two oysters that came prepared. The first was topped with a bloody mary mix and the second one with kimchi. Both were good but the dressing masked too much of the oysters.

Ox Impressions: 


I'm glad there were two untouched oysters to try. Just a squeeze of lemon and down the hatch they go. They're almost as plump as the oysters found back in the states on the East coast. But I find these to be the perfect size.

Ox Impressions: 


Unfortunately, the lobster wasn't as fresh as the others. The meat was a bit hard to get out and really needed the sauce. I was really looking forward to enjoying it.

Ox Impressions: 

Smoked Salmon

I love their salmon. It's not overly salty as the cured salmon I'm used to. I'm not even sure if these were actually smoked. Still, it had some saltiness to them that made them a perfect topping for the toast.

Ox Impressions: 

Dublin Bay Prawns

Mmmm these were so good. Not over cooked, the shells were easy to peel and the meat was plump. Next time I need to order a whole plate of this.

Ox Impressions: 

Brown Crab

My favorite of the platter, Dublin's brown crab. And do you see that, the crab roe? Well, there's a whole lot more in the top shell. It was happy pickings probably a good reason to check my cholesterol.

Ox Impressions: 

The Toast

And finally, here's the toast. Not much to say about them except they worked well with the salmon. Other than that, I was busy cracking, peeling, and eating away.

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