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The Fish Shop’s Perfect Fish Burger

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People in Ireland are pretty proud of their fish. I figured the saying was true when I brought it up to my Uber driver. Oh did his eyes light up. The next ten minutes where all about places for me to try. Different types of fish to different ways to prepare it. It was enough to fill up two to three more trips out to Dublin. For me, that info was perfect. Because coincidently, I was heading to my last spot on my list, the Fish Shop out on Benburb Street.

This was Fish Shop’s more casual restaurant offering fish & chips along a wine bar. This was very different from its sister restaurant down the street offering a set seafood menu with sit down table seating. Unlike, here where there’s only high chairs. As yes, I had gone to the other one. My mistake your benefit. That is, if you really want the finer dining experience. They did after all win the Best Seafood Experience in Ireland award in 2017. I reckon they do some good seafood there. As for me, I was in search of the fish burger.

It was 3PM when I arrived and they had started their afternoon shift, from 2-10PM. I hope they change this for their weekend hours. I really wanted this for lunch before hitting the Jameson Distillery. But I get it, there wouldn’t be a huge lunch rush out here unless it’s the work week. Anyways, I was happy to stop by and get easy seating. Either side doesn’t offer much in terms of entertainment. The kitchen is in the back and the waiter was busy prepping and seeing to our orders. So if you’re running solo, like say on a business trip, bring some reading material. And sure, you can sit and stare at your phone as well.

The food came out quick and it seemed to be encouraged to try wine. Unfortunately, I had whiskey in me already and I can’t mix wine. Love the waiter’s persistence. I guess he thought I was only going to visit once. Don’t worry, after having the food here, I’ll be back. I loved how everything tasted and best of all, it didn’t break the bank. It’s really affordable given the quality.

So even though there’s not too many items n their menu, they do deliver the right stuff.

Fish Shop

76 Benburb Street
Dublin 7, Ireland
+353 1 557 1473

Verdict: I highly recommend trying this place even if it’s out of the way.

Kilkeel Crab on Toast

Nothing says more local than Kilkeel here in Ireland. And here I get to feast on a piece of toast loaded with its crab meat. And yes, I only got one, but I'm not complaining. There's a whole burger ahead.

€4.50 EUR

Ox Impressions: 

Smoked Haddock Croquettes

What isn't there to love when you take smoked fish, roll it up into a ball, fill it up with gooey cheese, and deep fry the suckers. Yeah, you guessed it, you got some crunchy goodness.

€4.00 EUR

Ox Impressions: 

Filet O'Fish Shop

And here's what I came for, their filet of fish burger. These thick cuts of fish were tossed in a beer batter giving it a crispy coat that was hardly oily. Match that with a mildly tangy coleslaw and you've already got a marriage of two great taste. But then comes this perfectly toasted bun and it becomes the trifecta. Delicious!

€14.50 EUR

Ox Impressions: 

Inside the Filet O'Fish Shop

Just look at all that fluffy fish! You can't see too much of the coleslaw here. But trust me, it helps make this really damn good.

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