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Surprise! It’s More Than Just Izakaya

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My flight landed in Austin right before dinner time. Of course, I turned to my list of places to try and decided on Komé. I knew it was going to be busy. However, since it was located outside downtown and I was a party of one, I’d thought I try my luck. Well, I was right about one thing, the place was busy. There were scores of people waiting. People waiting along the benches inside and people waiting around the outside tables. Good thing they serve drinks while you wait. For me, it was only a 30 minute wait to get a seat at the sushi bar. Actually, it was more like their bar bar. But instead of sitting around the four chairs to drink, it was used for dining. No complaints here since I knew no one will be hovering around me while I eat. It was off to eating as soon as I sat down.

The whole restaurant had a nice lively vibe to it. Friends and couples coming together to enjoy the izakaya like atmosphere. There were plenty of your classic shareable dishes and assortment of rolls. Me on the other hand, went straight for their sushi. I still wanted to see what Austin offered in terms of good quality wonderfully prepared nigiri without the high end prices. And here at Komé, they delivered, with a price that’s higher than average but not low enough to sacrifice on the level of fish. Their selection was good with several items being imported from Japan.

There’s no omakase option here so you’ll have to put together your own creation. Don’t worry, there’s plenty to work with.

Overall, the meal was good and the staff at the bar kept me company. My drinks were constantly filled and I had plenty of check ins to make sure things were going great. My final addition to the meal was more so based on the trying out more of their fresh uni than it was me being hungry. Hey, if you find a place that stocks good fish, why not gorge a little. No regrets here. And I’m sure no regrets next time I’m here.


5301 Airport Blvd #100
Austin, TX 78751
+1 (512) 712-5700

Verdict: I recommend this place for larger informal gatherings and if you need to get your sushi fix on.


Starting off the night was chopped octopus, wasabi stems and a quail egg. The octopus was fresh and the egg yolk smoothened out the taste.

$6 USD

Ox Impressions: 

First Set of Nigiri

My nigiri came out in different combination sets. The first four didn't have the usual order I was used to. But hey, I don't mind to have my toro early.


The bluefin tuna was first to get into my belly.

$5 USD

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Next was the sea bream topped with a tangy citrus sauce.

$3 USD

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This was their striped bass topped with a little yuzu salt and a cut of shiso leaf underneath.

$3 USD

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Like I said, I don't mind having my toro early. And for this piece, it was well worth savoring early. Perfect amount of fattiness in my book.

$9 USD

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Jumbo Botan

I really enjoyed their sweet shrimp. It was huge and the deep fried parts were really tasty. There were plenty of cooked eggs in the upper part.

$10 USD

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Next Plate of Nigiri

This plate has only two pieces of nigiri. However, it's a couple of high quality pieces, king salmon and Hokkaido uni. You know I couldn't wait to devour these.


The king salmon here was kelp cured and topped with salmon roe.

$4 USD

Ox Impressions: 

Hokkaido Uni

So fresh and so clean. There's nothing more I like than some pure uni from Hokkaido. The only bad news was, I didn't get the price. Not that it was outrageous, just look at the other prices. And don't worry, they don't cut corners on the quality here.

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Duck Breast & Foie Gras

This was a bargain if you think about what you're getting here, duck breast with duck liver. Sure it may not be fish, but it tasted great nonetheless.

$4.50 USD

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Uni Box

Closing out the night was this fun little box. It's a sake box filled with sushi rice topped with Santa Barbara sea urchin and salmon roe. The meal was complete in my book, especially with the usually overlooked shiso leaf. That brought the whole thing together.

$28 USD

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