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Khanh Nguyen

I love to travel and eat. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I have time off. Nothing let’s me wind down more than to experience new places through the sights, the food and the people. Of course, that led me to taking notes which found their way to this site. It was a bit messy at first. Then I started to be more specific about the food and travel adventures. You’ll the mix of the two. However, it seemed everyone started landing on this site for the food. So that led me to create more specific pointers around the food.

Hence, the ratings. They are specifically around dishes because really, not every dish at a restaurant represents their strength. Sure, there are a handful where all the dishes are spectacular, like those that have a limited menu. But for the most part I hope the ratings help you put together a great meal.

To give you an idea of the food I gravitate towards, here are some tidbits on me:

  • I can’t live without Asian food.
  • I live in San Francisco.
  • I love finding out where the locals go for food and fun.
  • I think the word traditional, when it comes to food, gets misused. Dishes evolve and become new traditions, i.e. American Chinese Food.
  • And I travel to Asia quite often.

Find out more on https://khanhnguyen.com.

Places Visited

Below are the cities this site references since 2012. Each blue dot includes blog posts with the occasional travel tips but most of all, posts about good places to eat.



For everyone that has referenced this site, thank you!

If you know of some new places for me to graze, do let me know. Or if you just want to say hi, you can do so here. I will do my best to respond within 24 hours, especially if it’s about something I posted here. The site is still growing and ideas are welcomed.

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