Sushi Omakase at Park Restaurant

Yes, that is some amazing looking sushi. And guess what? This was in Montreal. Yeah, Asian food here has stepped up it’s game, especially with sushi. I’d like to introduce you to Park Restaurant, an establishment based in Westmount. It’s menu is a mix of Japanese and Korean dishes.  We happened to head here for their sushi. Overlooking the fact that it was lunch, we went with the sushi omakase, a six course meal for $70CAD a person. We were in for a feast of some freshest fish in Montreal.

The courses came out at a nice pace at the beginning. About the fourth course, it slowed down. But that was good because we were getting really really full. Service was very conscience of our state. lol. However, my only complaint would be on a few nigiri pieces. They seasoned the rice during preparation which made it fall apart. That’s can be a deal breaker for some. Not me though, I can tolerate it. It does help when each piece was tasty. This has to be the best sushi experience in a town where I usually go for French. Fantastic job Antonio Park! Way to bring this level of sushi craftsmanship and passion to Montreal.

Oh, I should add that if you’re looking for Japanese whiskey, this place serves it.

Park Restaurant
378 Avenue Victoria
Westmount, QC H3Z 2N4, Canada
+1 514-750-7534

Verdict: Definitely a try when you’re in Montreal looking for high end sushi.


Au Pied de Cochon

There are restaurants out there that you have to go to when you visit a city. Here in Montreal, that place is Au Pied de Cochon which translates to “the foot of the pig.” And yes, that is a signature dish on the menu. You can read about that later. For me, this place is all about their hearty dishes and of course, their foie gras. It’s hard to believe the food is in within the French family, Québécois French to be exact. The flavors are heavy and very rich. Well, maybe it’s because we added foie to just about every dish. What? That’s how we roll.

As for the restaurant itself, it’s pretty lively and loud. Not in an annoying way at all. It’s festive. And the wait staff didn’t miss a beat weaving in and around the tables dealing with the rambunctious patrons, like us. Our waiter was really cool explaining dishes in both French and English. Props for his patience. Once we ordered the appetizers came out within ten minutes. The entrees came out much later, but all at the same time. I figure for the size of our group,the time it took to prepare everything was okay.

The feast lasted about two hours and we had to take a few courses home. We ordered so much. And you know what? We’ll do the same thing next time around. For real.

Au Pied de Cochon
536 Avenue Duluth E
Montréal, QC H2L 1A9, Canada
+1 514-281-1114

Verdict: Seek this place out, make a reservation, and loosen your belt. Highly recommended.



Le Quartier Général

One of the things I look forward in Montreal is all the French food. Or should I say, the Québécois flare it has. Although I can’t quite put my finger on what makes it Québécois, I can tell it’s both different and good. Damn good. This was my experience at Le Quartier Général, a restaurant in the Plateau. Nestled in a French neighborhood, this quaint but hard-to-get-reservations establishment puts together some fantastic dishes.

The restaurant has three service windows, 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm. We were only able to get the 9pm seating which was fine by my Pacific Time eating hours. Arriving 30 minutes early our table still had patrons so we took a walk around the block. Nice way to spruce up your appetite. Once we got back, the table was ready. It’s almost as if people were ushered out for the next seating. I mean two hours was more than enough time to finish your meal even if it’s bring your own wine. Oh wait, I didn’t mention that? And that there’s no corkage fee? Yes, it’s true. This is another reason why it’s so popular.

We ordered appetizers and our main dishes with the addition of $14.00CAD to add soup/salad and a dessert. I have to say, this wasn’t your typical French bistro. The portions were quite large. If you choose the $14 compliment, you can do without appetizers. But if you were me and wanted to eat everything, sure, order away. And I did. The food and atmosphere for this place was perfect for a feast. Finishing under two hours, we left very happy and a bit toasty from the wine. This was a great way to start my trip here in Montreal.

Le Quartier Général
1251 Rue Gilford
Montreal, QC H2J 1R3
+1 (514) 658-1839

Verdict: Swing by here and go for what I regret not trying, the rabbit.

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