The Fish Shop’s Perfect Fish Burger

People in Ireland are pretty proud of their fish. I figured the saying was true when I brought it up to my Uber driver. Oh did his eyes light up. The next ten minutes where all about places for me to try. Different types of fish to different ways to prepare it. It was enough to fill up two to three more trips out to Dublin. For me, that info was perfect. Because coincidently, I was heading to my last spot on my list, the Fish Shop out on Benburb…


A Visit to The Jameson Distillery

You know your trip to Dublin is complete when you visit the old Jameson Distillery on Bow Street. It’s a good ten minute walk from the center spire in the sleepy Smithfield Village area. You can also drive there and experience the cobblestone streets. There’s plenty of parking around and they do have a lot next door. And if you still need more options, there’s a DART stop nearby. Whichever you choose, you’ll have no problems getting there. As you can imagine, when you enter the distillery, it’ll feel like…


All You Need is the Klaw Platter

Klaw is a little seafood shop within the Temple Bar area. It’s not too hard to find unless you’ve had your fair share of pints at the local pubs. But I will add that it’s pretty small. Inside, there are about four tables on one side with single seating along the wall. If you’re at the tables, you’ll be right next to the menu which takes up the whole wall. Toward the back is their kitchen where you can spy on your neighbor’s order in the making. It’s a casual…

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