Korean Italian at Moyo

That’s right, imagine your favorite Korean dishes with an Italian influence. At MOYO, they are bringing people together within SoHo to enjoy these creations in an intimate environment on the streets of Aberdeen. Unlike its neighbors around the corner, this place was less about just getting sloshed and more about the quality eats… while you’re getting sloshed.  What can I say, they do have a good range of drinks here. Inside this easily overlooked restaurant front, you’ll walk into the dining area with tables suitable for groups of two to four. There’s an…


Kwan Kee Claypot

Walking along the streets of Sai Ting Pun, your eyes will be drawn to all the new buildings popping up. Some occupied by fancy restaurants others by Western hotel chains. If you happen to come by the glitzy Best Western, you might just notice people eating on the side street between the hotel and the neon lit McDonald’s. When you see that, you are in the presence of Kwan Kee Claypot Rice. An institution that’s been around for ages serving the classic claypot rice bowls. What makes this place different from…


Little Bao Lovin’

Thanks to Instagram I was drawn to Little Bao. At first it was for its desserts. These colorful bite sized ice cream sandwiches were all over my feed and people made them look so tempting. But once I looked further and did some reading, I had to check out their take on the gua bao, which looked more like a sandwich. But it still has that soft moist bun we all know and love. So this place warranted a visit. You may get discouraged by the amount of people waiting to get in. Don’t…


Sushi Hiro

A friend once told me her favorite solo outing was going out and having sushi. I happen to agree. On my last day full day of Hong Kong I was alone. And while most think that’s unfortunate, I think it’s advantageous for securing a walk in seating at high demand sushi restaurants. Most of the time you’ll need a reservation. But as a party of one, all you need to do was to look for bar space. And that was the case at Sushi Hiro, a place upstairs from where we had lunch earlier…


Hing Kee Claypot

For those not willing to wait in long lines, there’s Hing Kee. A place that will gladly take the impatient who wants to try the popular Temple Street claypot rice. Located right across the street from the obviously number one spot for claypot rice, it almost felt as though Hing Kee didn’t mind being second pick. With three of their restaurants located at the same corner, I don’t think they minded at all. Each place was filled and the street hosts were busy finding people seats. We were led up a…


Sobaten Japanese Cutlet

It was lunchtime and we continued our Japanese food run by hitting up Sobaten Japanese Cutlet. As the name hints, this place specializes in katsu and boy do they do a good job. Not to mention, the variations they have on this Japanese staple. It ranges from chicken, to shrimp, to cheese filled, to mille-feuille, and even cheese filled mille-feuille katsu. There’s plenty to try. Located in the lower level of the Henry House, you’ll need to go down some small stairs to get there. It’s a bit narrow and kinda dark. But…


Shika Teppan-Yaki

It was my friend’s birthday and we decided to head out for Japanese. Unsure of what exactly we wanted, sushi or teppanyaki we opted for Shika Teppan-Yaki. It’s situated in Causeway Bay a little bit away from the busy streets. That set up the hopes for a nice dinner with my friends as we walked there. Inside, the place was set up for both sushi and teppanyaki. That is, one side was the sushi bar and perpendicular to it were teppanyaki stations. Even though we weren’t going to do teppanyaki…


Lei Garden

Another day of dim sum may seem like too much, but if know about the vast variety and all the famous restaurants, you won’t be bored. Even though this was another popular place, it’s on the higher on of the price range. Not the most expensive but it can make a dent in your wallet if you go overboard ordering. We chose to keep it light. The place gets a lot of foot traffic outside but once you are in, you’re shielded from it. There are plenty of big tables….

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