Sunday shopping in Hong Kong is madness. Everyone’s out and about. All the stores you’re looking for are all the stores practically everyone else is looking for. I went to IFC in Central, Harbour City and The One Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, and after hours of shopping, I ended up with nothing. Well, a few places to eat of course. I had to keep my energy up battling through the crowds. And the crazy thing about the crowds, it isn’t because it was Christmas time, this is normal for…


Temple Street

Today was a day to start meeting up with old friends and one particular good friend, Ali. We met up at North Garden Restaurant in Sheung Wan. It’s a dim sum place serving everything you expect plus some signature dishes like their sesame balls. These things are filled with hot custard and even though I was warned I still kinda burned myself biting into them. Afterwards we headed to Happy Foot for a foot and back massaged. They separated the ladies, TM and her daughter, and us into separate rooms….



“What happened to Thursday?” That’s the typical question when you’re time warped a day in advance going from the States to Asia. This time it’s to Hong Kong and this time I picked the cheapest flight. The one that departs Wednesday night, technically Thursday morning. You know, the 12:05AM flight. All of Thursday in the good U.S.A. happens when you’re helplessly trying to fall asleep while you’re feet scream out in discomfort and your knees remind you how unnatural it is to be sitting there in economy class. Yep, the…

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