Some Down Time

Work actually went more smoothly than I could dream of. It was one of those days everything you planned was falling into place. I did miss one thing which was to test out one of our apps out of the Bangalore office. But like 5 out of 6 things wasn’t so bad. So what did we do with our extra time, that being leaving by 4pm rather than 5pm? We let our driver decide that. Sounded like a good idea, though he did take us to some run of the mill tourist spots which included shops. If you don’t know what this was about, most drivers and tour guides have their own set of local places they’ll take visitors to. Probably some kick backs going on, but that’s how business works for them. So after all that was said and done, the only place worth mentioning was The Shiva Temple.

Shiv Mandir
#97, Old Airport Road,Ramagiri, Murugeshpalya,
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560 017

Verdict: Avoid. Not the type of temple I’m looking for.

Sure it’s set up like a huge tourist trap with it’s second rate amusement park atmosphere and constant asks for donations, but you gotta applaud them for trying. There was sort of a ride, who am I kidding, a tunnel you go through to see the history behind Shiva. It’s dark, narrow, and if you look closely, you’ll see some attempts at animatronics that will give old Disney rides a run for their money. At the end you’re greeted with a large statue, and even a wishing area for you to cast coins into the pond for your wishes. They’ve thought of plenty for you. Once you’re done, you exit the area through a barrage of shops peddling CD’s, souvenirs, and memorabilia. Be prepared if you plan to stop by.

Afterwards it was off to a work engagement and a wonderful night followed by a morning flight of hangover. Mental note: must have dinner before the consumption of alcohol!


Straight to the Office

Nine hours to Heathrow and nine more hours to Bangalore was quite a commute to work. That’s what I had to do for my trip to the Bangalore office. I should add another hour for the drive to the hotel to wash up and the ride to the office. Oh man was I in for some dire need of caffeine. Thankfully, the office delivered. Strong rich coffee that you needed to balance out with some steamed milk. It wasn’t the staple Indian filtered milk, but it did the trick. As for the filter coffee stuff. I had it on another occasion and it was pretty hard to describe. Smoother? Richer? And that the texture. The taste was quite unique too. Something, I’m sure would be difficult to match back in the states. In any case, this trip to India was a business trip. Seems like all my trips to this country was for business. That usually equals little time to explore.

At least I can give you some food discoveries.

Barbeque Nation
1st Cross Lane
1st Block, Koramangla
Bangalore, Karnataka 560034
+91 80 6060 0001

Verdict: Sure, I’ll come back. And definitely pacing myself.

Enter Barbeque Nation. A restaurant that was a cross between a Brazilian churrascaria, a TGIF Fridays, and your typical buffet. Why? Well, the appetizers, which include an endless assortment of skewered meats, grilled chicken, and chunks of paneer. They are constantly brought to your table until, well, when you drop the flag on your table. And if you’re lucky, like we were, you get to witness a song and dance by the wait staff for any lucky birthday individual. Oh, and not only that, for no reason they broke out in dance, Gangman Style. Wow. Somehow I felt a little uncomfortable. But hell, I had grilled meats and my turn to fill my plate full of Indian food goodness. With all that said, I would have to say, I’m not a fan of this place.

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