Ordering Ramen From A Vending Machine

If you’ve been to a local noodle shop in Japan then you must be familiar with the vending machine system. You go up, put in your money, make a selection, get the ticket, hand it to the person behind the counter and wait for your meal. That’s all pretty standard for food that’s pretty decent. Keep in mind this was among Japanese expectations. But at AFURI, they’ve raised that flavor quality bar while still keeping that familiar routine. They did this with their signature broth, which has that touch of…


The Amazing Sukiyaki at Asakusa Imahan

Today for lunch we wanted to venture out and try some legendary sukiyaki. The version we get in the states isn’t as refined as what you get in Tokyo. The quality of meat is higher, the service was impeccable, and having it dipped in raw eggs was supposed to be heavenly. I don’t think that last part would fly back home. But given the safety standards, in a country that serves poisonous fish without incident, I had to give it a try. That brings us to Asakusa Imahan. The restaurant isn’t too…


Discovering Sushi Katsurada

Along the quaint streets of Daikanyama, you can find Sushi Katsurada. It’s a neighborhood sushi place that serves up a high-end experience at reasonable prices. It was a lucky find through a search of good things to eat in Daikanyama. And although there were many places to go to in Shibuya and even Ebisu, we wanted to keep it close by our station because we were shopping all day. I needed a closer place to walk to in this humid heat. You may not be able to spot it, but…


Cold Soba in the Summer

You may not know this but Tokyo can get as hot and humid as the tropical countries in Southeast Asia. Thankfully, there’s so many places that have air conditioning. Yet, nothing feels better on a hot day than eating something that will cool you down from the inside. That’s where soba enters the picture. A few blocks away from Harajuku station is Kamakura Matsubaraan Keyaki, a restaurant up in the Harajuku Quest Building. There they serve their signature Sudachi Onioroshi Soba. It’s a cold soba noodle bowl that will reinvigorate your sun…


Oh That Beef at Gyukatsu Motomura

Here’s something you have to try on your next visit to Tokyo, gyukatsu. It’s a breaded deep fried beef steak which may sound similar to tonkatsu, the traditional pork version, but is on a whole different level. At Gyukatsu Motomura they’ve made this amazing dish so popular, that they’ve opened up several shops around the city. We happened to find out about the Shibuya location several blocks south of the station. It was 4:30pm so we headed over to beat the dinner rush. When we found restaurant, off in a path…

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