Squid Fishing

Out in Penghu, a small island chain west of Taiwan, there’s a local tourist activity of squid fishing. That’s right. Just when you thought shrimp fishing was challenging enough, here comes squid. I guess these things do get caught somehow. Now we, and a boat full of others, will find out how. I take that back, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t how it’s done. We signed up for the trip at our hotel and went down to the dock close to sunset. It was an easy scooter ride there. It’s a…


Late Night Prawns

Here’s something different to do, shrimp fishing. And I don’t mean off the coasts of Taiwan. This is done within the city, in buildings made for long hours of fishing fun. I just so happened to tag along with a company outing and I have to say, thank goodness I did. This pastime requires it’s own technique that I couldn’t grasp. I would have starved if it weren’t for the skills of others. Yeah, you pay to catch your meal here. During the day, this hobby is enjoyed by families and…


Afternoon in Tamsui

A weekend activity for Taipei residents may include a trip to Tamsui, a river town north of the city. Out here you’re free of the city congestion and given a view of the river that cuts through the city. And during late evening, you’re presented with a beautiful view of the sunset. I figure that’s what most of the locals are here for, in addition to the eating. That’s not to say this wasn’t a touristy town. It was and you’ll be able to pick them out from the crowds….


Qimin’s Organic Hotpot

There doesn’t seem to be that much information about this place, in English that is. But this place boasts both a grocer and a hot pot restaurant. It’s niche organic offering expanded to Shanghai where they source ingredients from their local farm. As you can imagine, this place won’t be your global chain. They’ll focus on quality, which so happens to drive the price higher. I don’t mind when it’s about good eating. It’s a good thing in this town where there’s a hot pot joint around every corner. The taste stood…


Seven Sushi

I had another long layover in Taiwan. This time it wasn’t overnight, it was from 5pm to 11:30pm. Yeah, you guessed it. I went into Taipei for dinner. Don’t worry, there was plenty of time even though I hit traffic. For those of you who don’t want to do the airport’s free tour of Taipei, I recommend making your own personalized layover. Here’s all you need to do to pull it off… After leaving immigration, we looked for the ‘Bus to city’ sign. It’s in the same place as the…


Handling A Late Night Layover in Taiwan

I had an 8 hour layover in Taiwan. The dreadful thought of lying around in those uncomfortable seats anchored to a power source drew me to the internet. What did I find? Well, you can get a half day tour of Taipei, complete with transportation, for free (more details here). Awesome. But the problem was, I get in at 11pm and fly out at 930am. What to do? Let’s eat and sleep the only way a lazy old ox can. That was, a visit to the Xinming Night Market and…


Au Revoir Taipei

It was the last day at Sun Moon Lake. The rain hadn’t let up, so probably good to leave since there was basically nothing to do but laze around the hotel room. Not a bad thing since I was leaving Taiwan altogether. On the way back to the train station we stopped by the Sun Moon Lake Antique Assam Tea Farm. It was an old black tea factory that you can look around. This place had all the makings of a large production tea factory. However, most of the machinery…


Here Comes the Rain

Almost got through this trip without a rainy day. I got by with some sprinkles in Hong Kong. Things eventually cleared up. However, today it was rain all day. There were periods of sprinkles or even no rain, but that was under the cover of heavy fog and blistering cold breezes. Nothing to do but stay in or as we did, sneak out when we could. Luckily the hotel lends out umbrellas. Gotta admire places that are prepared for anything. We got three fourths of the way to Shuishe before…

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