It was a day of kayaking and swimming. Kailua beach may be windy but it’s a nice escape from busy Waikiki and not as far as North Beach. Not like 30 minutes further meant that much further, but you know what I mean. Just a close get away. We rented a kayak for half the day, which was more like a quarter of the day since the store closes at 5pm. Yeah, we got there around 2pm. Oh well, still pretty fun to kayak to the small islands they have…


Day of the Luau

Gotta do a luau in Hawaii right? Gotta try it at least once, right? Well, it’s my third time and this time, we’re going all out at the Polynesian Culture Center. Must say, moving up to the prime rib option was well worth it. A break from Hawaiian/Japanese food into good old American gluttony with crab legs and meat. Get me a couch, I’m slipping into food coma. The performance at the luau was the best production value I’ve seen. It’s truly a theatrical piece. Really striking even after you’ve…


Relaxation Mode On

You kinda realize it when you’re walking past people, getting agitated in line, and trying to get straight to the point, which was to relax. Problem was, my mind was still at silicon valley speed. Not quite like New York light speed, but that under the skin angst that you know time is limited. Oh it felt so good to shake that off. Slowly now, one step at a time, enjoy where you are and why you worked so hard to get here. There we go. Now, what better way…


Landing in Oahu

First stop in Oahu and what do should we do, eat. C’mon, 5 hours of flying and having nothing more than peanuts and airline food what did you expect? Not to mention I was nursing a kick to the head by das boot from Supenkuche. So what else to have in Hawaii but Vietnamese food. But this wasn’t your typical Vietnamese place. It may have the words ‘pho’ in it’s name but they make a mean ass ox tail soup that I can’t find stateside. It was good bye dehydration…

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