Gather for Dinner

When I think of Wyoming, I think of the beautiful mountains, the vast wildlife, and the parks that maintain that balance between them. So when it comes to dinner, I wasn’t too surprised to find a place that took advantage of the abundance surrounding them. Take Gather, a restaurant in the heart of Jackson. It specializes in creating wonderful dishes with local ingredients. Some of it, as we learned, were even hand picked that morning. This was a place we all hope to stumble upon in our travels.

The restaurant itself was quite large, enough tables for all your party sizes. There’s even a bar for those waiting for a free table or even those who want a small sample of the food along with drinks. For us, there was no need to wait. The season rush hadn’t started yet. Even though one can argue Memorial Weekend kicks off the high season. Judging from the crowds, or the lack of, I think it’s still off season. But of course that means we were in luck. No reservations. Walk in. Table ready. How awesome is that?

Between the two of us, we ordered what we thought was a small meal. The appetizer made it seemed as such. But when the two main courses came out, it was larger than expected and wonderfully plated. So much for trying to eat light on this trip. Though, given the price point, most people would think the portions are small. I happened to read that in the reviews. As you’d imagined, I had that expectation when upon ordering. But I have to say, regardless of the portion size, the quality was on for the price we paid. Reasonably even, if this were in San Francisco. And yeah, I know, this wasn’t the Bay area.

Overall, it was the best meal of the trip. This is a place I’ll make sure I revisit next time I’m in the neighborhood.


72 S Glenwood Street
Jackson, Wyoming 83001
+1(307) 264-1820

Verdict: In Jackson and looking for a great place to eat? Well, this is the place.

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