Flying in early and finding yourself in downtown Los Angeles, you may want to check out Eggslut for breakfast. A popular spot that has lines of people waiting to get their yolk porn on. When I arrived the line wasn’t too bad, though it was the day after Thanksgiving. Only a fifteen minute wait until it was my turn to order. However, when I was done eating, around 9:30am, the line had snaked around the whole shop. Maybe everyone wanted to fuel up for Black Friday. Who knows. I was just here for a good breakfast.

This place is located in Grand Central Market. The shop was simply an open kitchen with about five to six cooks preparing the orders. Things ran efficiently and I got my sandwich and slut within five minutes. Yeah, it’s a bit too much for one person to finish. But I wanted to try both items. I heard so much about them. Sadly, the slut disappointed while the sandwich was definitely the star. Or more specifically, the free range eggs. So much yolk and oh so deliciously messy. This was what finger licking good was all about.


Grand Central Market
317 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013
+1 (213) 625-0292

Verdict: If you happen to be around and see that the lines are short, stop by and go for the sandwiches.



We had this great recommendation from a friend, Surawon, a low key place in a very unsuspecting part of Koreatown. Sure, it’s on Olympic but it’s not in the heart of where all the new places are popping up. So it was fantastic for parking and even more wonderful that we didn’t have to wait for a table. Hopefully, after this post it will still remain that way. Sorry Surawon, I want to keep you hidden away like my friends had.

When you enter, the place looks like they took ownership from an old taquería. They made no attempt in hiding it. You’ll find Mexican decorations scattered around the walls. And the color scheme was just not indicative of a Korean restaurant. Not that it mattered. Once that food came out, it didn’t matter what the surroundings were. It was all eyes on the food. Solid home cooking that will make your tummy happy. Our waitress brought out the bubbling hot plate of food, cut up our dish, and explained how best to eat it. Typical Korean restaurant host etiquette. Once we started eating our conversation went to a hush. And although we ate till way past closing time, they didn’t rush us at all. Now that’s comforting service and a way you’ll surely get me to return.

2833 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006
+1 213-383-7317

Verdict: If you want to try some unique Korean dishes, stop by this place.


Birthday Dinner at Simbal

Little Tokyo is brimming with new restaurants and attracting top talent from around Los Angeles. One such place was the new restaurant Simbal, a place that serves up playful Southeast Asian cuisine inside a nice and open floor plan. You can see the chef himself, Shawn Pham, managing the kitchen. We did happen to get a photo with him. Friendly guy even in the midst of the opening months of the place.

Food was served dim sum style, brought out on carts. It’s pretty funny seeing fine dining dishes carted out. We went the menu route and ordered almost everything on there. What? We’re a party of five and it’s a birthday. Okay, so we didn’t order everything. I think we ordered enough to get a sense of what’s being plated here. Sorry, I didn’t take pictures of everything, like the deconstructed banh mi salad or the rice medley. We were too busy scarfing down food and yapping about who knows what. That’s a dinner good times for ya. Anyways, back to the food. I believe the menu changes as I’ve noticed some early reviews didn’t have the black cod dish. Hurray for us!

All in all, I’d say the majority of the dishes were amazing and the service was stellar (our server was a sommelier). It was our friend’s birthday and they customized the menu for us. It’s these little details that truly make the experience. Spot on Simbal staff. And seeing that this was the opening months of the restaurant, some great things will come out of that kitchen.

319 E 2nd Street Suite 202
Los Angeles, CA 90012
+1 (213) 626-0244

Verdict: A fine dining experience to try.


Cravings Aside, EMC

Funny thing was, I really wanted Korean food. We drove around looking for a place that served live octopus. My current craving though I never had it. Pretty daring. But I made a mistake, a really good mistake. We found EMC, a place my friend recommended when discussing the cuisine. She only mentioned it in the realm of seafood. In no way was the placeserving live moving octopus to its patrons. Something I should have realized after entering.

The place was very nice, too nice. Modern. Clean. And to my dismay, it didn’t have stacks of water tanks filled with fresh seafood. No, this was not the live Korean octopus restaurant I was looking for. Our server quickly confirm that after I naively asked “How does the live octopus thing work?” Embarrassment aside, we looked over the impressive menu and ordered away. Some may say it was one uni dish too many. I’d say, I could have used one more. It was a feast I’d order again and again. You can check out the dishes below.

We were there for lunch and the place was pretty empty, only one other couple. However, the service was attentive as if there was a full house. No one missed a beat. Small dishes came out first with our main course coming soon after. This was run with first class distinction, making you forget, it was located in a Korean mall.

EMC Seafood & Raw Bar
3500 W 6th Street, Ste 101
Los Angeles, CA 90020
+1 (213) 351-9988

Verdict: I highly recommend this place if you want fresh seafood prepared to preserve the tastes.


Late Night Shabu Shabu

Here’s one thing I’ve been noticing around Los Angeles, late night happy hour menus as Shabu houses. What a great way to spread crowds our through the night. They definitely got me. Tokyo Shabu Shabu was the second place I went to during my trip. On a gamble I stopped by this place for a late night stack. And wouldn’t you know, they have late night happy hour. Of course, this happy hour was more about the food than the drinks for me. And they delivered.

There was no skimping on the quality. It was late and near closing, but the cuts of meat were solid and the staff kept my garlic addiction filled. The place was about half full making me wonder how busy it gets at normal times. Either case, I’m sure things are fine. The thing I really like about this place was their attention to the broth. There’s many to choose from and they cater their sauces to it. Not your traditional type of shabu shabu, but I’m happy for it.

Tokyo Shabu Shabu
345 S Lake Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101
+1 (626) 844-7355

Verdict: Check this place out if you happen to be in Pasadena.

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