Cravings Aside, EMC

Funny thing was, I really wanted Korean food. We drove around looking for a place that served live octopus. My current craving though I never had it. Pretty daring. But I made a mistake, a really good mistake. We found EMC, a place my friend recommended when discussing the cuisine. She only mentioned it in the realm of seafood. In no way was the placeserving live moving octopus to its patrons. Something I should have realized after entering. The place was very nice, too nice. Modern. Clean. And to my dismay, it didn’t…


Late Night Shabu Shabu

Here’s one thing I’ve been noticing around Los Angeles, late night happy hour menus as Shabu houses. What a great way to spread crowds our through the night. They definitely got me. Tokyo Shabu Shabu was the second place I went to during my trip. On a gamble I stopped by this place for a late night stack. And wouldn’t you know, they have late night happy hour. Of course, this happy hour was more about the food than the drinks for me. And they delivered. There was no skimping…


What’s Hakata Ramen?

Another regional style of ramen you say? From the opposite end of Japan? Well sign me up for a bowl. Literally, it seems like half of LA waiting was outside of Shin-Sen-Gumi. The other half was waiting for Daikokuya, a place I’ve eaten many times. This place, however, was new for me. It opened in Little Tokyo after I moved away. And when did Little Tokyo get so hipster busy? Inside, it was an  open layout. Communal table on one side and and open kitchen on the other. There’s also…


Pine & Crane

I’ve read about this place when it popped up on Eater LA (doing some due diligence on places to eat this trip). It was a surprise to see a Taiwanese place pop up in Silverlake. Sure I’ll buy into the hype. We didn’t have any ideas for lunch. Everything good in Little Tokyo had a line. So why not. There’s this term called Americanized Chinese food, which isn’t something I’m going to knock. Some good stuff came out of that. Here though, it’s hard to say. My Taiwanese friends asked,…


Chinatown Summer Nights

These events were usually about opening up the traditional Chinatown facade to DJ’s, food trucks, and street vendors, a sorta night market, neon style. However, this night was not only in honor of Chinatown’s 75 anniversary, but it was about the unveiling of the first Bruce Lee statue to be raised in the U.S. And if you have read the news recently, there’s some complications in getting this to be permanent. Whatever happens, I guess I’m glad to see this in person. Though I have to say, the statue looks…


Once Again, LA BBQ

We started this day a little groggy from the drinking adventures we had around Koreatown. Gotta hand it to some of the expensive places. Some of them had really good pours and as you may know, some of them didn’t. Does it all even out? No. Because there was expensive and expensive’er. Only found one dive bar, but the hard liquor would still set you back $8. It was still in fact, Los Angeles. By the time we got our act together it was off to check out Joneric’s restaurant,…


Weddings and Korean BBQ

Weekend trips to LA always means at least one night out in Korea Town. This was actually a healthy improvement over all the other time my friends and I come to visit. We would do nothing but lunch at a Korean place, dinner at a Korean place, drinking at a Korean place, and top it off with BCD, a staple in Korea places here. This weekend though, was for a friend’s wedding out in Camarillo. So we split our time in West LA and Ventura County. Yeah, not quite Los…


Book Signing at SIPA

The main reason I was down in LA was to be at The Undeniable’s book launch party. But before the event, I headed down to Orange County to visit a friend and, of course, to eat! Felt like ages since I’ve been in the area. So many things have popped up since I lived down there over five years ago. Still influenced from my last trip, I found out about a Taiwanese place called 85°C Bakery that’s taken the area by storm. I even saw it on the Food Network….

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