Friday Night DASH

Once again, not in San Francisco, but in San Mateo do we discover good sushi at I would add, very affordable prices. A 30 minute drive south of the city is DASH Japanese Tapas and Sushi. Located right across from the movie theater, you’d probably overlook it if it weren’t for the lines. We had reservations so that worked out perfectly. We were seated right away and took a couple run throughs of the menu and went with their omakase. Here, they have two choices for omakase, a $20USD 5 piece…


New England Lobster Company

A little south of the San Francisco airport is where you can find the New England Lobster Company. A bit out of the way but when you’re craving a good lobster roll, you might want to make the hike. It’s not in a strip mall or near other restaurants. It’s just there, surrounded by warehouses and office buildings, ready to give you this mighty sea crustacean from the east coast. This place was a huge upgrade. I remember visiting their little food truck many years ago in a similar setting that…


A Night At Sushi Sam’s Edomata

When it comes to lively sushi places, Sushi Sam’s Edomata nails it. This place had been on my dinner list for quite some time. Countless number of friends posting delectable pictures and raving about their times here was getting unbearable. Even with the number of good sushi restaurants opening up in the city, this restaurant still shined in their minds. And now I could see why. You can tell it’s a local favorite given the amount of patrons walking in who knew the chefs by name. One by one, people came…


Yakitori Koko

We took a chance coming to Yakitori Kokko without reservations. It’s usually filled with people waiting outside. But today, we got out of work early. So we headed there right when they opened to see if they had any seats. Luckily they did. And I have to stress that lucky part. They already had a long list of people for 5pm. Fortunately, it was only the two of us and there was a small table in a narrow area in the back of the restaurant. There was a catch though….


Lunch at Akiko’s Restaurant

What’s for lunch after yesterday’s amazing sushi dinner? Sushi. Yes. It’s sushi time again. However, it’s at another well known establishment, Akiko’s Restaurant. Not to be mistaken for Akiko’s Sushi Bar on Mason. My friends made that mistake and I hear it happens quite often. The Akiko’s I’m talking about sits on Bush near Grant. There’s no sign and occupies a small portion of the corner. Very incognito. You would probably walk right past it if you didn’t happen to peak inside. The sushi bar is pretty small and there are a handful of…


First Seating at Saru Sushi

You hear of good sushi places all the time. And if you’re like me, you have a bit of skepticism. But when it came to Saru Sushi, it wasn’t how many people said it was amazing, it was who, plenty of fellow skeptics and food snobs. And after coming here, I get it, it’s good. It’s real good. You have to appreciate the creations and flavors they put together and you’ll fall in love with this place. We got the fifteen minutes before they opened and already a few people were…


Double-Take Divisadero

We went back to my old neighborhood when we found out Brenda’s opened a new restaurant. Her famous soul food was no longer just in the Tenderloin, but out on Divisadero with all the other new shops. Man the area sure changed in a year. My only complaint would be why this didn’t happen when I was living around here. Oh wait a minute. My rent would have doubled. Gotta love and hate this living crisis. But onto dinner. Brenda’s had a fresh new place. Pretty open and I environment. They…


Swan Oyster Depot

We thought we would be clever to hit Swan Oyster Depot on Monday, a holiday, and right when it opens, at 10:30am. Well, there were plenty of people who thought the same. Preparation got us parked and in line by 10:15, misfortune placed the cut off line for first seating right at us. That sucked. But it only took half an hour before people finished and freed up seats. The run shop quite efficiently here. It’s small inside and looked like a seafood grocer more than a restaurant. In fact, people came by…

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