Pabu is the type of place that can make you hate your Facebook friends. Every time someone checks into the restaurant, I was guaranteed to see posts of some delicious looking food. Now, it was my turn to return the favor. And after dining here, I understood why everyone was so excited. It’s a great looking place with even better tasting dishes. The restaurant was a joint venture between Michael Minna and Ken Tominaga to bring in an upscale izakaya experience to the Financial District here in San Francisco. I…


Fine Day to Try JapaCurry

I looked out of my office window today and saw JapaCurry. A food truck I heard about and being that I love Katsu Curry, it was on my list. And with them sitting outside the office, I had to run down and give it a try. It’s your typical food truck. Order in one window, get your number, and wait for everything at the other window with the rest of the anxious patrons. Thankfully, there weren’t too many at the time I went. So I wasn’t cursing at too many…


Early Reservations at Wako

This Japanese restaurant opened up earlier this year. And while a friend of mine works there, I wanted to give it some time before trying. Not that I wasn’t eager. My friend kept posting delectable pictures on their Facebook page. Metal note: block food porn. So many months later I found myself making reservations at Wako and found the only open spot for two was early, at 6pm. This was a week in advance. The place is small and cozy. Can probably seat about twenty people and not a place…


The House of Prime Rib

One of the few places around the city that specializes in, as the name suggests, prime rib. They take a classical approach. A standing rib roast carted out to your table in this silver domed contraption. For some reason, with that Hindenburg looking thing and the cozy wood trimmed atmosphere, I felt like I was transported back to the 1920’s. Not like I knew what it was like. But this felt the close. Aside from everyone snapping selfies with their smartphones and our futuristic attire, I’d say I traveled back…


Finally, TBD

I go by this place everyday. Each time it gets more and more enticing. The aroma that comes out of here makes me feel like Winnie the Pooh around a jar of honey. My steps gets lighter and my grin was unstoppable. So unfair to deal with that each and every day. Maybe I should get another job or move away, or… I should try this place out. Sure enough this was what we did. The restaurant was actually the sister restaurant of AQ, a couple doors down. They both…


Ramen Yamadaya

Not sure how I ended up at this place. It sat on the second floor in the blocked out street of Buchanan. I think it was relatively new, because come on, I’d notice the ramen sign walking by this area on the way to karaoke. Oh so many karaoke memories. “These guilty feet have got no rhythm…” Wait, I digress. Karaoke write up some other time, some other blog. Anyways, this place originated from LA. Known for their tonkatsu ramen, they flourished, opening several shops in Southern California. And now,…


State Bird Provisions

We happened to mosey on by State Bird Provisions one afternoon after a movie at the Kabuki Theater. My geeky explanation of why I didn’t like Captain America was cut short. We came across State Bird Provisions, where I had to reboot my story telling of impossibilities to that of getting a reservations at this place. For months, I’ve checked online and never saw an opening. As the duties of geek, a food and computer geek in this case, I had to surface the rumors of some auto reserving script…



On a walk to one of my favorite watering holes on Friday, I saw this place. One of three actually, on the way towards North Beach where I’ll sit in a tiny bar and cry out my day’s miseries. But first thing I do when I see my bretheren was to mention the onslaught of new boba places that spawned since last I walked up Kearny. Plentea had a line outside the door where I had to dodge the selfie-taking-need-to-checkin people. The crowd was young too. Very untypical of fiDi….

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