Bay to Breakers Weekend

Bay to Breakers has always my favorite race. A time where people come together to show its colors in a journey from the one side of the city to the other. For some it was a goal to the finish, for the rest of us, it was to find all the fun. The funnest parts starting from Alamo Square, to the pandhandle, and into Golden Gate Park. Never a dull moment, well into the evening hours. But if you’re not participating, good luck driving around the city.

A few notable things about this race you should be aware of, if you’ve never been and don’t want to seriously run it:

  • It’s all about the costumes you wear and for some some, what you don’t wear at all. Yes, be prepared for some naked people.
  • There’s drinking. Even though they’ve been trying to ban it, people still do. And there lots!
  • You don’t have to register to run/walk the course. But you’ll have to start after the last race corral. Usually by 8:00am.
  • But most of all, have fun. Dance in the streets. Scream your heart out. Drink like its Friday night. And then, write about it the next day. Seriously. I’ve been meaning to do this every year.

And if you’re here to read about food, well, the only noteworthy thing was Thursday and Friday. On Thursday it was Suppenkuche’s 20 year anniversary, which included a special menu and as always, plenty of drinks. I can say that this was my favorite German restaurant only because it’s the only one I tried here in the city. That doesn’t go without saying it was good to begin with. Don’t believe me, go read up on the review then. Friday though brought me a new find, Rickybobby. Oh, if you know these guys from Broken Record out in Daly city, then you ought to know, they moved here. And boy did they step up their game. Their food was kinda a NorCal take on Southern food. A very good take. A bit hipster even, but that’s from the clientele. So yeah, expect lines outside the door. But if you have that craving, I highly recommend this place.

Sorry for the grainy food pictures. Only had the iPhone available.


Omakase at Eiji

To spare you on the back story, I got treated to dinner for a hot tub incident. Yeah, I said I wasn’t going to talk about it. So let’s just say, out of it, I got to go to one of my favorite Japanese places, Eiji. It’s a small little place in the Castro near Dolores and 16th. And when I say small, it’s small. Intimate even. You may have to wait for a seat. But it’s not extremely popular and actually, I love how it’s flying under the radar to most foodies. I mean *pffft* it’s only 4 stars on Yelp. Why bother? Yes, don’t bother. There’s enough people waiting in line. A good thirty minutes on occasions. Let’s not make it any worse.

Now on to the restaurant.

There was enough variety here to try and it was the first time for my friends. What else to do than to eat omakase style. Don’t know what that is? You’re on the internet reading this, go look it up. The specials here do change but not often. I didn’t see this tofu and yuzu dish I had here. I really wanted my friends to try it and, as you can guess, get the name of the dish and probably a photo of it… along with an excerpt. What? That’s why you’re reading this right? Anyways, this was a great way to try everything. I didn’t see the owners around but whoever was preparing our dishes knew how to keep the anticipation up. From the light dishes to the heavy the staff kept the timing good. We only waited for our next dish a few times, but I have to say, we tend to forget what dinner is for, catching up with friends. But you don’t want to hear about that. This place is great if you want more than just good sushi. The solid Japanese dishes prepared here won’t knock you off your feet, but as you eat at other Japanese restaurants here in San Francisco, you’ll be surprised craving some of the dishes found here. I did.

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