Gen Korean BBQ

Gen, one of LA’s popular Korean BBQ chains, made its way up to Northern California last year. You’d think the lines and hype would have died down by now. Nope. Still hordes of people waiting outside ready to feast on their $20.99 all-you-can-eat dinner. Lucky for us, we made reservations.

We had a party of 14 and were seated in twenty minutes. They were waiting for a small party to clear out. Tables are fixed for groups of four so it’s understandable it will make reservations tricky. But what they did to counter the extra wait was to take our orders ahead of time. And guess what, when we were seated, all the food was already set out for us. All we needed to order at that point were the drinks. Pretty sweet. However, before I give this place major props, the service throughout dinner wasn’t too great. We had to constantly flag people down for refills, even for the salad. There was one moment of light though. A waitress noticed we had nothing grilling and came over to check in and expedite our order. Would love to give her a shout out if I had her name. But it was amazing she had noticed but the other four servers in our area didn’t. Of course, they weren’t standing around doing nothing. They were busy, a bit too busy. So in terms in service it’s inconsistent.

As for the food, it’s pretty damn good. Not high-end but great in terms of bang for your buck, it was amazing. I see why this place was still attracting so many people.

Gen Korean BBQ

1628 Hostetter Rd
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 477-2773

Verdict: Very surprising for an all-you-can-eat establishment in terms of quality and variety. Make a reservation and give this place a try.

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