Cruising Halong Bay

Our travel agent booked us on a cruise for Halong Bay. Something I’ve been meaning to do my entire life. All those small island mountains protruding looked magical. Something I wanted to witness with my own eyes and feel what it’s like to be surrounded by them. It may not have been the best weather but I’ll take the overcast coolness. And thankfully there was no rain in forecast. The day started with a taxi ride to the dock. We were to meet up and join a tour group, so…


Nha Hang Hong Hanh 3

This place must be good to have three restaurants named after it, right? Well, I couldn’t disprove that theory. It was pretty darn good. Exactly what I was looking on a desolate cold night. Everything looked closed, that was, if it were open, it had nobody in it. This was the case for Hong Hanh 3 which our hotel recommended. We were pretty skeptical walking in. They had about five restaurant staff sitting around talking among themselves. Not a good sign. But once they realized we weren’t lost or wanting…


Ha Long Bay Resorts

When booking a place in Halong Bay, you may get offered a resort stay on Tuan Chau island. We got a fantastic hotel, Paradise Hotels, who have their own ferries. Problem was, it’s far away from town. And the other resorts on the island were still being built. So yeah, we felt really isolated. But if you want a quiet getaway, this would be perfect!

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