Ha Long Bay Resorts

When booking a place in Halong Bay, you may get offered a resort stay on Tuan Chau island. We got a fantastic hotel, Paradise Hotels, who have their own ferries. Problem was, it’s far away from town. And the other resorts on the island were still being built. So yeah, we felt really isolated. But if you want a quiet getaway, this would be perfect!


First Look at Street Food

I met up with my friends in the evening. They had spent most of their day with a local tour guide from Hanoi Kids, a clever culture exchange group. They send students along with tourists free of charge to show them the culture and sights of Hanoi. In exchange, the students get to practice their English. Most of them are college students and the brief time I spent with the guide, the more I noticed that with the other groups we ran into. Every so often our guide would run…


Passing Time with Cafe Sua Da

Vietnam is one of the world’s top producer of coffee and you can see it in the culture. There’s basically a coffee shop on every corner. You thought it was bad seeing two coffee shops at a corner, albeit the same chain, but here in Hanoi, expect up to all four being a coffee shop. And the majority of these aren’t the kind where people sit inside, snuggle up to the comforts of home, and read. No, they’re the kind that opens up to the street. Patrons sit facing outward,…


Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Believe it or not, pho is meant to be eaten for breakfast.  Even though you probably heard that the broth gets richer as the day goes on, most Vietnamese people have pho in the morning. Not a problem for a glutton like me. And if morning meant 3am morning, even better. However, since I didn’t want to sacrifice on taste I decided, it’ll be what’s for lunch. It was right around the block from my hotel, which gave me some time to break a sweat and fight off my belly…


Knowing Your Neighborhood

A $15USD cab ride took me from the airport to my hotel. The driver was enthused to get money in U.S. dollars rather than Vietnam Dong. It’s a thing you’ll notice in the major cities. Tricky part was to get change which would be in Vietnamese Dong. But that’s pretty trivial. anyways, my hotel was situated in the south east corner of the Old Quarter. It was just a block away from Hoan Kiem Lake, the home of Turtle Tower. You can read about the stories of The Lake of…

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