Hiking Around Sapa

The best way we were going to experience Sapa was to hike it. Well, after a thirty minute ride out of town to the starting point. It was still damp outside so we knew our shoes may not be coming home with us. We planned for this. And yeah, by the end of the day they were too muddy to put back into our luggage. Though, at the train station we found people who would gladly clean our shoes for a small fee. We had declined given our premeditated fate…


Cat Cat Village

One thing to be aware of is that the train takes you into Lao Cai. It’s another hour ride up to Sapa through some windy roads. Not to bad to endure if I weren’t so grumpy from a night on the train. By the time we got to the hotel, businesses were waking up. Our room wasn’t ready so we had breakfast, which was included in the tour package. Actually, a lot was included and being the foodies we were, we passed on a few of the hotel meals and…


Train to Sapa

Here’s the typical itinerary for a Sapa getaway, a three-night two-day stay. This means you take an overnight train to Sapa, do a hike during the day, stay in a hotel at night, do a hike the next day, and come back on an overnight train. Basically, you have two full days with really one night of rest in a hotel. Sounds grueling doesn’t it? Well, it was and it was well worth it. The cost was the only thing I’d question, $145/person. Anyways, we had time to kill before…

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