8407 Kitchen Bar

I met a friend for lunch here at 8407, courtesy of a look up on Yelp. It was nearby where I was staying. Yet knowing it was in downtown Silver Spring, I was worried about parking. Don’t fret, it’s right next to a large parking garage. Bring quarters or have your smart phone ready. You can pay via mobile as long as you sign up. The layout of the place was unexpected. Upon entering, there’s a bar to the right with some table seating next to the window and towards…


The House of Prime Rib

One of the few places around the city that specializes in, as the name suggests, prime rib. They take a classical approach. A standing rib roast carted out to your table in this silver domed contraption. For some reason, with that Hindenburg looking thing and the cozy wood trimmed atmosphere, I felt like I was transported back to the 1920’s. Not like I knew what it was like. But this felt the close. Aside from everyone snapping selfies with their smartphones and our futuristic attire, I’d say I traveled back…


Finally, TBD

I go by this place everyday. Each time it gets more and more enticing. The aroma that comes out of here makes me feel like Winnie the Pooh around a jar of honey. My steps gets lighter and my grin was unstoppable. So unfair to deal with that each and every day. Maybe I should get another job or move away, or… I should try this place out. Sure enough this was what we did. The restaurant was actually the sister restaurant of AQ, a couple doors down. They both…


Deschutes Brewery

Want good bar food? And no, it’s not a trick question. You got it. This place was a local recommendation. Good beers and surprisingly good food for a brewery. And to be honest, I don’t expect much when I go to these types of places. After eating here though, I realized I should expect good food. This place did it. Why not others? And to think about it, where’s the line between breweries and gastropubs anyways? Deschutes may be that missing link. The place was large and there were people…

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