Meals Before Heading Home

It was our last full day in Singapore. Also, last day of the work week. So what to do? Finish our work, eat, say our goodbyes, and get prepared for that long flight home. So onto eating. For lunch we kept it close. A small restaurant in our building. An Indonesian one to be exact. Our co-worker wanted to make sure we didn’t leave without a trying it. Not a bad place. Caters to the people working in the office and around the area. I don’t think they’re open on…


Laundry Day

Yes. I had to do laundry, because I packed light on this trip expecting to do a lot of shopping and I mean a lot. But lo and behold, I couldn’t find anything I liked. That didn’t mean I was a picky shopper, it was more like I couldn’t find my way around the malls. They are all interlocked in some way in the labyrinth of the MRT stations. I felt lucky to find any sort of directory. And once I did, I didn’t recognize most of the stores. So…

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