Flying in early and finding yourself in downtown Los Angeles, you may want to check out Eggslut for breakfast. A popular spot that has lines of people waiting to get their yolk porn on. When I arrived the line wasn’t too bad, though it was the day after Thanksgiving. Only a fifteen minute wait until it was my turn to order. However, when I was done eating, around 9:30am, the line had snaked around the whole shop. Maybe everyone wanted to fuel up for Black Friday. Who knows. I was just here for a…


Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Believe it or not, pho is meant to be eaten for breakfast.  Even though you probably heard that the broth gets richer as the day goes on, most Vietnamese people have pho in the morning. Not a problem for a glutton like me. And if morning meant 3am morning, even better. However, since I didn’t want to sacrifice on taste I decided, it’ll be what’s for lunch. It was right around the block from my hotel, which gave me some time to break a sweat and fight off my belly…



The day started with a trip over to see Ali and Rene. I had to deliver the book Ali helped to make happen. Half the book was written on his couch, my stay during the mini sabbatical I had in 2008. Rene also got a copy, but we mainly met to talk business. This may be what I need to start off on my own business venture. We’ll see. In the meantime, writing and film will be my dream. We had lunch over in Soho, another area in Hong Kong…

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