Nestled Between the Busy Streets, Café NiN

After one fun night exploring with one too many mezcal shots, it was off Café NiN to nurture my dehydrated body back to health. I was in need of something simple, something fresh, and most of all, something tasty. You know what, they delivered. But most of all it was in this little cafe that I noticed, it was void of the noises I’ve been getting accustomed to, the noisy streets. There were no cars speeding on by, no incessant honking, just the quiet clinking of of hungry utensils and…


First Eats in NYC, Onigiri

After getting situated in Chelsea it was time to find a bite to eat. Being close to Madison Square Gardens you’re surrounded by plenty of places to eat. However, if you just came off a red eye flight, took the train to Penn Station, and were still on West Coast hours, you’re probably looking for a lighter meal. I found that at Cafe Hanamizuki, a quaint little restaurant surrounded by the less refined shops catering to the eat and go lunch crowds. Inside you’re greeted by a bright interior leading up to…

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