Baekje Samgyetang

I have to admit, it was cold and rainy, so I wanted something soupy. And of course, something healthy to fight off any chance of a cold. Getting sick in this town of eats would be devastating. So off to a popular destination in the heart of Myeongdong, Baekje Samgyetang. It’s on the second floor which we missed the first time we walked by. Inside, it’s a very spacious establishment. Plenty of tables for all party sizes. We got a table for two pretty easily. Not to say it was empty, it was almost full…



Sunday shopping in Hong Kong is madness. Everyone’s out and about. All the stores you’re looking for are all the stores practically everyone else is looking for. I went to IFC in Central, Harbour City and The One Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, and after hours of shopping, I ended up with nothing. Well, a few places to eat of course. I had to keep my energy up battling through the crowds. And the crazy thing about the crowds, it isn’t because it was Christmas time, this is normal for…

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