Lao Tao

We headed to Far East Plaza early on Saturday for an early lunch, as in 11am early. There’s so many places opening shop in this plaza that I had to come back to check it out. This time it was to try out a Taiwanese restaurant recommend by a friend, Lao Tao. Yes! I’m so happy that I don’t have to drive into San Gabriel Valley to satisfy my Taiwanese craving. The shop is located upstairs on the second floor of the plaza. It’s pretty easy to find. It’s a casual spot….


Opening Week at Senia

We were fortunate enough to land reservations Friday night during the opening week of Senia. A restaurant that specializes in farm to table cuisine leveraging the culinary skills of Chris Kajioka and Anthony Rush, former chefs at Per Se, a restaurant by Thomas Keller. I should also add that Anthony had worked at the French Laundry before Per Se. So once I found this out I was eagerly awaiting a wonderful feast. And I have to say, they did not disappoint. The menu was a little confusing having a section on snacks, plates, and sharing….


Laundry Day

Yes. I had to do laundry, because I packed light on this trip expecting to do a lot of shopping and I mean a lot. But lo and behold, I couldn’t find anything I liked. That didn’t mean I was a picky shopper, it was more like I couldn’t find my way around the malls. They are all interlocked in some way in the labyrinth of the MRT stations. I felt lucky to find any sort of directory. And once I did, I didn’t recognize most of the stores. So…


Chinatown Summer Nights

These events were usually about opening up the traditional Chinatown facade to DJ’s, food trucks, and street vendors, a sorta night market, neon style. However, this night was not only in honor of Chinatown’s 75 anniversary, but it was about the unveiling of the first Bruce Lee statue to be raised in the U.S. And if you have read the news recently, there’s some complications in getting this to be permanent. Whatever happens, I guess I’m glad to see this in person. Though I have to say, the statue looks…

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