Passing Time with Cafe Sua Da

Vietnam is one of the world’s top producer of coffee and you can see it in the culture. There’s basically a coffee shop on every corner. You thought it was bad seeing two coffee shops at a corner, albeit the same chain, but here in Hanoi, expect up to all four being a coffee shop. And the majority of these aren’t the kind where people sit inside, snuggle up to the comforts of home, and read. No, they’re the kind that opens up to the street. Patrons sit facing outward,…


Straight to the Office

Nine hours to Heathrow and nine more hours to Bangalore was quite a commute to work. That’s what I had to do for my trip to the Bangalore office. I should add another hour for the drive to the hotel to wash up and the ride to the office. Oh man was I in for some dire need of caffeine. Thankfully, the office delivered. Strong rich coffee that you needed to balance out with some steamed milk. It wasn’t the staple Indian filtered milk, but it did the trick. As…

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