Wagyu Experts at Moe Yakiniku

We were able to get last minute Friday reservations at Moe Yakiniku 3. It’s the third expansion of the restaurant. Known for it’s selection of wagyu and it’s service, we were more than excited to check it out. It’s located in the Da’an district along a street of other restaurants. Inside, the eating area were divided into more intimate sections. Our area had four tables with seating for four. There’s ventilation suction valves at each table and the yakiniku grill was heated with charcoal. Already a lovely sign. It was all about wagyu…


Before I Depart, Sushi

My final outing in this wonderful city was omakase at 游壽司. Inside the restaurant you’ll find the seating is all around the sushi bar. Set up for an intimate session with your chef. However, unlike other places, it’s not small and stuffy. There’s plenty of room at the counter and a good number of chefs to accommodate. I really like this style dining. Personal experience without sacrificing the amount of patrons. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no lines. There will be. We were able to get immediate seating only because we got…



Hot pot culture is huge in Taiwan so when you find one that stands out, you kinda want to tell the world. And that’s what I want to do with this very modest looking restaurant,宅涮涮鍋. Inside, however, the quaint little place was very nice. The decor was modern with single seating at the bar. More intimate parties of two had table seating divided by walls. Pricing isn’t too bad, though on the higher end but it shows in the food you get. As fresh as you can get for the seafood and…


Qimin’s Organic Hotpot

There doesn’t seem to be that much information about this place, in English that is. But this place boasts both a grocer and a hot pot restaurant. It’s niche organic offering expanded to Shanghai where they source ingredients from their local farm. As you can imagine, this place won’t be your global chain. They’ll focus on quality, which so happens to drive the price higher. I don’t mind when it’s about good eating. It’s a good thing in this town where there’s a hot pot joint around every corner. The taste stood…

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