Lei Garden

Another day of dim sum may seem like too much, but if know about the vast variety and all the famous restaurants, you won’t be bored. Even though this was another popular place, it’s on the higher on of the price range. Not the most expensive but it can make a dent in your wallet if you go overboard ordering. We chose to keep it light. The place gets a lot of foot traffic outside but once you are in, you’re shielded from it. There are plenty of big tables….


Tim Ho Wan

We arrived early, real early, like 7am early. So what to do but to go find dim sum at the usually overcrowded place in town. One of which would be the Michelin Star rated restaurant Time Ho Wan. I’ve eaten at the one in Mongkok but since we were on Hong Kong, we went to the one located in the Hong Kong MTR station. Yeah, it’s kinda like eating in the mall. But you should never compare these places to the run of the mill food courts you see in…


Yeah, You Heard Right, It’s Slayer

The big day… for my brother, and yeah, myself since he made me the best man, which meant, the speech. I only had enough time to outline a speech. But I figured, I’ll get it straightened out after hanging out with my friend and his daughter at the playground. The day was perfect. And apparently it was perfect for me to run into a bunch of other friends I haven’t had a chance to see. And why look, they brought their kids too! Great times catching up and seeing the…

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