Top 3 Banh Mi To Try in Saigon

You probably already know that bánh mì literally means bread in Vietnamese and also that it’s available on almost every street here in the city. But what you may want to know is what to try during your visit. Well, I’ve got three types I’d recommend all within the center of Saigon. The first place is known to locals as the “lesbian sandwich shop”, Bánh Mì Huỳnh Hoa. Not sure why it’s called that, but I am sure they make a damn tasty sandwich. And I’m not the only one…


The Classic Dishes at Cuc Gach Quan

For lunch, we headed to Cuc Gach Quan for some traditional home cooking. And by home cooking, I meant some high quality cooking you’d expect for special occasions. This wasn’t your run of the mill Vietnamese food. No. It was some well prepared dishes that delivered on it’s hefty price tag. Expensive, when compared to other restaurants around here in Saigon. The restaurant sits across the street from the office of the owner who happens to be a renown architect. You will notice the refined touches to the delightfully unique…


A Taste of Hai Phong at Dì Lý

Looking for a late night bite that’s light and casual in the heart of District 1? Stop by Dì Lý – Bánh Đa Cua for some northern cuisine from the Hai Phong region. A flavor that’s not too heavy on the palate, yet still relying on the ingredients of seafood. It’s tucked away from the bustling streets and up the stairwell into its moderately sized dining room. It’s a great escape for some good wholesome food. This was a quick bite to eat tonight. And since I did my research, when…

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