Happy Hour at Roka Akor

Need a place for a quick bite and drinks after your tough work week in the FiDi? Well, if you don’t mind spending a little for some high quality bar food, we found such a place for happy hour. Roka Akor, once Michelin recommended, has been on my list for quite some time. Given that it was Friday afternoon with no plans made and a few friends ready to start the weekend, we decided to check out their happy hour. The restaurant was huge in comparison to most Japanese restaurants in the…



On a walk to one of my favorite watering holes on Friday, I saw this place. One of three actually, on the way towards North Beach where I’ll sit in a tiny bar and cry out my day’s miseries. But first thing I do when I see my bretheren was to mention the onslaught of new boba places that spawned since last I walked up Kearny. Plentea had a line outside the door where I had to dodge the selfie-taking-need-to-checkin people. The crowd was young too. Very untypical of fiDi….

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