Happy Hour at Roka Akor

Need a place for a quick bite and drinks after your tough work week in the FiDi? Well, if you don’t mind spending a little for some high quality bar food, we found such a place for happy hour. Roka Akor, once Michelin recommended, has been on my list for quite some time. Given that it was Friday afternoon with no plans made and a few friends ready to start the weekend, we decided to check out their happy hour.

The restaurant was huge in comparison to most Japanese restaurants in the city and that was only the upstairs. We headed downstairs to the bar, where I’d like to think we all belong. I mean we, as in us soon to be drunks. Away from the public eye and away from the classier patrons in the dining room. Okay, I may be going overboard. The downstairs was setting was still pretty nice and large. Plenty of small tables surrounded by lounge seatings with one bar stealing the center stage. We found seating easily and had plenty of attention from the wait staff.

Although the full menu was offered, their happy hour selection gave you a good sampling of their menu. We had to order at least one thing off the dinner menu. Not to say the discounted selection was bad, it wasn’t. It’s just their dinner menu looked pretty damn good. I couldn’t pass up trying at least one thing. You won wait staff. Now I have to come back for dinner.

Roka Akor

801 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
+1 (415) 362-8887

Verdict: For happy hour food and drinks it’s a great deal. If you’re looking to mingle, you’ll have larger crowds elsewhere.



On a walk to one of my favorite watering holes on Friday, I saw this place. One of three actually, on the way towards North Beach where I’ll sit in a tiny bar and cry out my day’s miseries. But first thing I do when I see my bretheren was to mention the onslaught of new boba places that spawned since last I walked up Kearny. Plentea had a line outside the door where I had to dodge the selfie-taking-need-to-checkin people. The crowd was young too. Very untypical of fiDi.

Well, guess what? The next day we happened to be near by.

Next thing you know, I’m in line wondering how it happened. Maybe I want to be part of the cool kids, maybe the heat got to me, or maybe, just maybe, I wanted one of those cool bottles. Yeah, forgot to mention these old school milk bottles they were serving the drinks in. Yes, this wasn’t waiting for food for me, it was waiting in line at Ikea. Yeah. That makes more sense right? It’s all about the bottles.

In any case, they had about five people putting drinks together. Pretty decent system getting out a couple bottles every few minutes. The only eye raising part was the person cutting up the fruit. Not very skillful with the knife and not sure how she was going to keep up with the pace around her. On the bright side, you can say each drink was delicately put together. So enjoy every piece of fruit you slurp up in your drink. It was cut up with some love and passion and precision. As for me, I drunk mine quickly and studied the glass. What clever thing am I going using these for? We’ll have to wait and see. At the very least, I can re-use them to get 20% off my next drink.

341 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
+1 (626) 283-8808

Verdict: If they get better down the road or I break any of the bottles, then yes, I’ll be back.

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