Surprise! It’s More Than Just Izakaya

My flight landed in Austin right before dinner time. Of course, I turned to my list of places to try and decided on Komé. I knew it was going to be busy. However, since it was located outside downtown and I was a party of one, I’d thought I try my luck. Well, I was right about one thing, the place was busy. There were scores of people waiting. People waiting along the benches inside and people waiting around the outside tables. Good thing they serve drinks while you wait….


Two Visits to Maruyama

Within a week I’ve been to Maruyama twice. It’s not only because I am addicted to sushi (well maybe), it’s because my camera ran out of batteries on my first visit. And what’s the best thing that can happen when you try a place a second time? Well, when things get better. Though I have to admit, repeating the same place in this short time frame was far from normal. I blame it on my friend’s Instagram feed. Her Maruyama visit looked much better than my first go at this…



Around the corner from the busy heart of Hayes Valley is Nightbird. A quaint little restaurant picked out by our friend. It was her birthday after all and lucky for us, she has a knack for finding great eats around town. This time the restaurant was a little American bistro headed by Kim Alter. It was an early Tuesday night so it was pretty empty, empty enough to take a few photos of the place. The lighting wasn’t too good for pictures, but it’s perfect for an intimate dining experience. That…


The Fish Shop’s Perfect Fish Burger

People in Ireland are pretty proud of their fish. I figured the saying was true when I brought it up to my Uber driver. Oh did his eyes light up. The next ten minutes where all about places for me to try. Different types of fish to different ways to prepare it. It was enough to fill up two to three more trips out to Dublin. For me, that info was perfect. Because coincidently, I was heading to my last spot on my list, the Fish Shop out on Benburb…


All You Need is the Klaw Platter

Klaw is a little seafood shop within the Temple Bar area. It’s not too hard to find unless you’ve had your fair share of pints at the local pubs. But I will add that it’s pretty small. Inside, there are about four tables on one side with single seating along the wall. If you’re at the tables, you’ll be right next to the menu which takes up the whole wall. Toward the back is their kitchen where you can spy on your neighbor’s order in the making. It’s a casual…



It’s probably no surprise Japanese cuisine is on the rise in Mexico City. Like any other major city in the world, it comes in the form of high end sushi restaurants to piping hot ramen joints to inviting izakaya spots. We chose a place that would fit the latter category, Hiyoko. It’s a Japanese kushiyaki restaurant offering an intimate space for you and the staff. It’s setup similar to your limited seating sushi omakase establishments. However, they serve up freshly grilled skewers using both familiar Japanese staples along with local…



Our last full day in Mexico City and to cram in more good eating, we headed to Contramar. It’s a place touted as the best seafood restaurant in town. And if you ask any local, they would agree. I would to after our visit here. The food was great and the servers do their best to accommodate. Yeah, there are English speaking servers and menus to make anyone American happy. They have the tourists covered. And while it may be catered to us, they do a great job with the…


Pujol’s Lunch Tasting

It’s not often to get a chance to try one of the world’s best restaurant. And not only that, a restaurant redefining Mexican fine dining. Yes. Leave the images of street vendors and late night taquerias at the door. Replace it with a posh yet quaint environment with refined flavors and then you’ll get Pujol. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get some of your familiar dishes and even some street food classics. What may surprise you though, would be how amazing they are in the hands of a chef like…

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