Hawker Center Eats

I spent a week in Singapore. This time around, I focused on work. I mean focus focused. I barely had time to visit friends let alone venture out. The heat didn’t help encouraging me to explore. So this report is primarily around¬†highlights of the local eats I had. And boy did I go local. That was all I ate which was pretty scary. For all those thinking these portions at¬†hawker centers won’t affect your weight, well you’d be wrong. They cook with the real deal. Fat, lard, deep fried pork…


State Bird Provisions

We happened to mosey on by State Bird Provisions one afternoon after a movie at the Kabuki Theater. My geeky explanation of why I didn’t like Captain America was cut short. We came across State Bird Provisions, where I had to reboot my story telling of impossibilities to that of getting a reservations at this place. For months, I’ve checked online and never saw an opening. As the duties of geek, a food and computer geek in this case, I had to surface the rumors of some auto reserving script…


Full on Powder Day

The morning started with a nice coat of fresh snow along with a constant dusting. So of course, my buddy understood why we couldn’t wait around to ride with his friends. Coordinating on the mountain would always be impossible. But hearing that it’s a big group, I had a feeling we’d run into them. And just like that, we saw them at lunch. This resort was big, but not that big if you only board the groomers and hit the lodges for lunch. Oh and the top was still closed,…


Doraku Sushi

It was all about hitting the late night eats tonight. That’s because we did our run during the day. Something that set us up for the “I don’t give a fuck what’s for dinner” attitude. A perfect way for us to try out new places. At first we went with a suggestion from our friend in SF, Home Bar. It’s a sports bar that I’d find myself in twenty years ago. Good food, affordable prices, great portions, and plenty of alcohol. It was a mix no college grad would pass…


Food Overload

Can you eat everything in Singapore in one day? Obviously no, but it doesn’t hurt to try. You know the saying, aim for the stars. If you miss, you still can still come up with a top ten list. In my case, I got through everyone’s top ten things to eat in Singapore. Now it’s time for me to come up with my own. Well, maybe I need one more trip. Come on, there’s so much here. And I really wanted to try those odd looking ice cream sandwiches. They…


And Here Comes the Rain

Today it poured. I take that back, early morning it poured. The rest of the day wasn’t as wet but with the wind, it made for one uncomfortable day to get around town. The only thing we could do was to stay inside something. And if that something, like a bus, taxi, metro, or even gondola would take us somewhere interesting, then all the better. Of course, we did just that. Final destination, Maokong Station. What was up there was a slew of tea houses nestled in the farmlands of…

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