Mara Premium Hand Roll Bar

What exactly is a premium hand roll bar? Well, at Mara it’s a casual restaurant that serves good quality fish wrapped up in a nori. You might think of temaki, the cone shaped hand roll. But it’s not a cone. You may think it’s an uncut futomaki, made with several ingredients. But that’s not it either. The hand rolls here are made to emphasize the crispness of the nori while giving you the same sushi quality of fish and rice. All while being tucked inside The Market within the Twitter building. I guess this place must get lots of business during lunch. And I have to say, they are optimally set up for the lunch crowd.

When I got there it was easy to find a seat. The place was only open for six weeks and it was Friday after five, most people were on the way home or to a bar. I happened to need a bite to eat before starting my weekend. I ordered the five hand roll set for $21.95 (a reasonable price in my opinion) and my first round came out quick. The chef kept an eye on me and made sure once I finished a roll, I had another ready. This was perfect for my situation. An eat and go establishment similar to their sister and neighboring place, Poke Bar. All in all I spent about fifteen minutes there and ordered some food to go.

Once I was done, I paid at the register and was on my way. I won’t compare it with a similar venue down in Los Angeles, but I’m sure glad this concept is here in San Francisco. Though it’s kinda in a tough location, an area you don’t find yourself in or seek out. But if you’re around, you may want to stop by.

Mara Premium Hand Roll Bar

1355 Market Street Ste 100
San Francisco, CA 94103
+1 (415) 767-5130

Verdict: A great place to grab a quick bite to eat without sacrificing quality. Can this please be the bar for fast casual?

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