Opposite, Yet Popular Bars

I say popular with a huge disclaimer that the term is very subjective. And when it comes to bars and nightlife, it’s about getting out and having a good time. Whether it was with good friends at a dive or drinking alone at a place with eye candy, you’re doing what you set out to do. Getting the fuck out of the house. And where to? I guess in this case, a popular one. So first up, was the place on top of the Marina Sands Hotel. Popular, sure. As…


Landing in Oahu

First stop in Oahu and what do should we do, eat. C’mon, 5 hours of flying and having nothing more than peanuts and airline food what did you expect? Not to mention I was nursing a kick to the head by das boot from Supenkuche. So what else to have in Hawaii but Vietnamese food. But this wasn’t your typical Vietnamese place. It may have the words ‘pho’ in it’s name but they make a mean ass ox tail soup that I can’t find stateside. It was good bye dehydration…

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