Hiking Around Sapa

The best way we were going to experience Sapa was to hike it. Well, after a thirty minute ride out of town to the starting point. It was still damp outside so we knew our shoes may not be coming home with us. We planned for this. And yeah, by the end of the day they were too muddy to put back into our luggage. Though, at the train station we found people who would gladly clean our shoes for a small fee. We had declined given our premeditated fate…


Train to Sapa

Here’s the typical itinerary for a Sapa getaway, a three-night two-day stay. This means you take an overnight train to Sapa, do a hike during the day, stay in a hotel at night, do a hike the next day, and come back on an overnight train. Basically, you have two full days with really one night of rest in a hotel. Sounds grueling doesn’t it? Well, it was and it was well worth it. The cost was the only thing I’d question, $145/person. Anyways, we had time to kill before…


Nha Hang Hong Hanh 3

This place must be good to have three restaurants named after it, right? Well, I couldn’t disprove that theory. It was pretty darn good. Exactly what I was looking on a desolate cold night. Everything looked closed, that was, if it were open, it had nobody in it. This was the case for Hong Hanh 3 which our hotel recommended. We were pretty skeptical walking in. They had about five restaurant staff sitting around talking among themselves. Not a good sign. But once they realized we weren’t lost or wanting…


Knowing Your Neighborhood

A $15USD cab ride took me from the airport to my hotel. The driver was enthused to get money in U.S. dollars rather than Vietnam Dong. It’s a thing you’ll notice in the major cities. Tricky part was to get change which would be in Vietnamese Dong. But that’s pretty trivial. anyways, my hotel was situated in the south east corner of the Old Quarter. It was just a block away from Hoan Kiem Lake, the home of Turtle Tower. You can read about the stories of The Lake of…


Handling A Late Night Layover in Taiwan

I had an 8 hour layover in Taiwan. The dreadful thought of lying around in those uncomfortable seats anchored to a power source drew me to the internet. What did I find? Well, you can get a half day tour of Taipei, complete with transportation, for free (more details here). Awesome. But the problem was, I get in at 11pm and fly out at 930am. What to do? Let’s eat and sleep the only way a lazy old ox can. That was, a visit to the Xinming Night Market and…

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