Happy Hour at Roka Akor

Need a place for a quick bite and drinks after your tough work week in the FiDi? Well, if you don’t mind spending a little for some high quality bar food, we found such a place for happy hour. Roka Akor, once Michelin recommended, has been on my list for quite some time. Given that it was Friday afternoon with no plans made and a few friends ready to start the weekend, we decided to check out their happy hour. The restaurant was huge in comparison to most Japanese restaurants in the…


Doraku Sushi

It was all about hitting the late night eats tonight. That’s because we did our run during the day. Something that set us up for the “I don’t give a fuck what’s for dinner” attitude. A perfect way for us to try out new places. At first we went with a suggestion from our friend in SF, Home Bar. It’s a sports bar that I’d find myself in twenty years ago. Good food, affordable prices, great portions, and plenty of alcohol. It was a mix no college grad would pass…


Thunderstorm Cooldown

Probably one of the few times you’ll hear me say, “I’m so glad it’s raining”. That’s because after these flash-flooding, zero-visibility, majestic thunderstorms, the temperature was going to drop. And that’s a good thing knowing I’ll be outside in a tux on Saturday. The bad thing was that it hit us right at the start of rush hour when all my friends were meeting up for food and drinks. So traffic became the first topic of the night. But I’m getting ahead of myself. You want to hear about food….


Blast From the Past

Thursday was a light day, for work at the very least. But the main thing I remember about this day was going form local local places, like a mall close to the university. We went there to check out how graduate students go to bind their books. Not bad quality for about $10 Singaporean dollars. I was mainly interested after talking to my co-worker about it the night before. Didn’t think these places existed. Guess it’s a known thing among post four-year students like myself. Maybe one day I’ll strive…


Hanging with LinkedIn Singapore

It’s Monday and yeah, it’s time to head into work. Feels miserable being in a new city filled with new things to do, but then you forget this was a business trip. Can’t really complain though. For one thing, I got to come out here, and the other, this was LinkedIn after all, not some stiff collar company I have nightmares about. Ahem, government jobs *cough* *cough*. So after work we headed out to Level 33, a bar imaginatively named after being situated on the 33rd floor of the Standard…

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