Da Poke Shack

When it comes to food, the first thing people tell me about the Big Island was that I had to visit Da Poke Shack. A small place located in a set of condominiums that served fresh poke. Of course, they branched out to another location, but we wanted to try the original. Not to mention, it was on our way to the airport. Our last chance on this trip to try it. We got there right when it opened and there was no one but us there. There would soon be…


Going Loco Moco at Cafe 100

With over 30 varieties, Cafe 100 has been an institution for this iconic local favorite, the loco moco. It’s a dish composed of four simple building blocks, rice, hamburger patty or patties, gravy (lots of it) and a fried egg on top. Though most historical records indicate, the fried egg was introduced after the original concoction. I won’t dispute that. If the egg was an evolutionary step, so be it. It’s a magical combination. And at Cafe 100, they have that and are constantly trying out new combinations. It’s sort of a drive-in…


A Taste of Hawai’i at Umeke’s

Not to be confused with the original Umeke’s, Umeke’s Fishmarket Bar and Grill is the full restaurant with a bar. Plenty of room here to meet up with friends to eat and drink. With all of Sunday dedicated to happy hour why wouldn’t anyone want to spend it here. Well, that’s if of course you were tired of the beach. But I digress. We wanted a glimpse of the Hawaiian food here in Kailua-Kona. This place kept coming up in our research so why not give it a try. It’s a just a bit outside…


North Shore

It was time for snorkeling. Rounding up a group of twenty friend and family was challenge we accomplished by simply starting off with a mass text, “Leaving for Shark’s Cove at 10am.” And then we were off, in our little subgroups. Room after room left without the need to caravan with one another. We just arrived, found a spot on the beach, and joined each other in the water. It was off season in terms of the number of tourist, but still, we were lucky to secure the last parking…


Awaiting the Cousins

Cousins were due to arrive by 2:50pm right in the middle of the afternoon. What else to do, but to hunt for some good eats near the airport. I read about this place, Nico’s Pier 38 from a couple of blogs. Little did I know, Yelp had two entries for this and I followed Apple Map’s direction out to some warehouse. Thanks. Luckily I used Google maps and found the actual place a few blocks away in a more active place. It still looked like it was in an industrial…

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