Hawker Center Eats

I spent a week in Singapore. This time around, I focused on work. I mean focus focused. I barely had time to visit friends let alone venture out. The heat didn’t help encouraging me to explore. So this report is primarily around¬†highlights of the local eats I had. And boy did I go local. That was all I ate which was pretty scary. For all those thinking these portions at¬†hawker centers won’t affect your weight, well you’d be wrong. They cook with the real deal. Fat, lard, deep fried pork…


Haji Lane and a Night Safari

It was the last day in Singapore and there were two things on the agenda, fill my half empty suitcase with some hip Asian clothes and then go on a nocturnal adventure with Singapore’s wild life. One out of two ain’t so bad right? Please disregard my tears. I read about Haji lane and was really worried it would end up like my visit to Far East Plaza. Granted, I think I went to the wrong Far East place, but still, I was scarred. You would be too when you…


By the Water

Okay so the main picture here isn’t of any type of beach, lake, or pool. In fact, only one of the pictures in this post will be that of water. Everything else will be, well, of food and stuff. That’s what you’re here for right? Well, here it goes. Met up with my friends out in Bedok for lunch. They took me to a hawker area next to the beach, the East Coast Lagoon Food Village, which wasn’t the pricier East Coast Seafood Center. This area felt more low key…


Weary-Eyed Wanderings

My head was already cloudy getting out into Changi Airport. Those bombarding images of McDonalds and Popeyes didn’t phase me. I was used to seeing Western influence in the major Eastern city. And even though this was my first time to Singapore, I guess I would be more shocked if they didn’t have those shops here. What I didn’t prepare for were the different types of people. All I wanted to do was get to my hotel. After getting some cash I head to the MRT which had a stop…

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