Post Diamond Head Hike Eats

Yep, another hike, a popular hike too. Filled with tourists chugging up the path. It’s not a difficult hike, but it can be a hot one. There’s really not too much shade and if there’s no breeze, make sure you have that bottle of water handy. However, when you get to the top it’ll be worth it. You’ll be surrounded by blue water, a view of Wakiki, and of course, the view of the crater. It’s impressive that this was one of many volcanic craters that formed Hawaii. Neat. The…


Pillbox Hike

Day one of my vacation and somehow I was convinced to do physical activity. I realized this after I was halfway up a trail over in Kailua, sweat soaked and regretting why I decided flip flops were okay. The trail was short but steep. Within minutes I saw the first military pillbox perched on the hill. It was subjected to local Hawaiian graffiti making it look less formidable than it’s previous life. If you don’t know what these are, they’re the concrete bunkers you see in the movies mowing down…


Hidden Hikes

Why is there a picture of musubi, albeit my favorite cucumber, egg, spam musubi from Iyasume? Well, that’s because I wished I had one while we were hiking. Not that it was a difficult hike. It didn’t even take half an hour to get to the top. No, I simply was dreaming of this stuff. And you may not know, but I was looking for the best musubi in town. I tried the ABC stores. Not bad, I’d say their the benchmark norm. The whopper of the burger world. Not…

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