Xoi Yen

Funny thing how we passed by this place everyday in Hanoi, saw the massive amounts of people there, and continued by without a second glance. Well, fortunately, Vicky happened to notice. And on a separate occasion, read about it online. Amazing that all these places were close to our hotel. This one was two blocks up. Once again, lucky us! As sort of a spoiler, I ate here twice. Photogs may notice a difference in color in the photos. The place can get crowded. We went off peak hours and…


Nha Hang Ngon

I had tried this place out in Ho Chi Minh City and loved it. With it’s mission to bring all the diverse flavors of Vietnam together under one roof was awesome. When I heard they had branched out to Hanoi, I had to check it out. And wouldn’t you know it, it was close to my hotel. The restaurant itself was beautiful. Restored to its French origins, the building was quite fun to explore. Even the trip to the rest room was fun. The stairs were pretty unique with its…


Com Ga

Vicky was pretty set on trying out this place. She found it on a food blog from a Taiwanese person that relocated to the area. The author gave it a thumbs up, so why not. Can’t go wrong trying all the chicken rice dishes of the world. I was curious to see how this compared to that of Singapore and Hong Kong’s version. The place was located at a busy intersection. Three levels overlooked the traffic below and offered indoor and outdoor balcony seating. There weren’t too many people, only…

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