Opening Week at Senia

We were fortunate enough to land reservations Friday night during the opening week of Senia. A restaurant that specializes in farm to table cuisine leveraging the culinary skills of Chris Kajioka and Anthony Rush, former chefs at Per Se, a restaurant by Thomas Keller. I should also add that Anthony had worked at the French Laundry before Per Se. So once I found this out I was eagerly awaiting a wonderful feast. And I have to say, they did not disappoint. The menu was a little confusing having a section on snacks, plates, and sharing….


Past Closing at Sushi Izakaya Gaku

A quick drive out of Waikiki, you can find Sushi Izakaya Gaku. A place that has been serving up creative dishes for izakaya while also providing some elaborate sushi. We happen to come here primarily for the izakaya. Not to say we didn’t sample some of that wonderful fish. But mainly we wanted a festive night of drinking as we feasted. We arrived at the restaurant around 8pm and put our name on the list. The wait time was about an hour for our group, a party of seven. While…


Relaxation Mode On

You kinda realize it when you’re walking past people, getting agitated in line, and trying to get straight to the point, which was to relax. Problem was, my mind was still at silicon valley speed. Not quite like New York light speed, but that under the skin angst that you know time is limited. Oh it felt so good to shake that off. Slowly now, one step at a time, enjoy where you are and why you worked so hard to get here. There we go. Now, what better way…


Landing in Oahu

First stop in Oahu and what do should we do, eat. C’mon, 5 hours of flying and having nothing more than peanuts and airline food what did you expect? Not to mention I was nursing a kick to the head by das boot from Supenkuche. So what else to have in Hawaii but Vietnamese food. But this wasn’t your typical Vietnamese place. It may have the words ‘pho’ in it’s name but they make a mean ass ox tail soup that I can’t find stateside. It was good bye dehydration…

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