Qimin’s Organic Hotpot

There doesn’t seem to be that much information about this place, in English that is. But this place¬†boasts both a grocer and a hot pot restaurant. It’s niche organic offering expanded to Shanghai where they source ingredients from their local farm. As you can imagine, this place won’t be your global chain. They’ll focus on quality, which so happens to drive the price higher. I don’t mind when it’s about good eating. It’s a good thing in this¬†town where there’s a hot pot joint around every corner. The taste stood…


Late Night Shabu Shabu

Here’s one thing I’ve been noticing around Los Angeles, late night happy hour menus as Shabu houses. What a great way to spread crowds our through the night. They definitely got me. Tokyo Shabu Shabu was the second place I went to during my trip. On a gamble I stopped by this place for a late night stack. And wouldn’t you know, they have late night happy hour. Of course, this happy hour was more about the food than the drinks for me. And they delivered. There was no skimping…



This place opened up a few years ago, and although I tried it last year, I had to come back to give it a full review. There was nothing memorable last time I tried it, but I did pick a boring set, the shabu shabu. Sure, they could have made this really good, but why, this place was focused on nabe, different form of shabu shabu. It’s more about having everything in the pot, cooking, like a stew and less about adding fancy things it. I believe this is more…


Meals Before Heading Home

It was our last full day in Singapore. Also, last day of the work week. So what to do? Finish our work, eat, say our goodbyes, and get prepared for that long flight home. So onto eating. For lunch we kept it close. A small restaurant in our building. An Indonesian one to be exact. Our co-worker wanted to make sure we didn’t leave without a trying it. Not a bad place. Caters to the people working in the office and around the area. I don’t think they’re open on…


Hidden Hikes

Why is there a picture of musubi, albeit my favorite cucumber, egg, spam musubi from Iyasume? Well, that’s because I wished I had one while we were hiking. Not that it was a difficult hike. It didn’t even take half an hour to get to the top. No, I simply was dreaming of this stuff. And you may not know, but I was looking for the best musubi in town. I tried the ABC stores. Not bad, I’d say their the benchmark norm. The whopper of the burger world. Not…

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