Itacho Sushi

There are tons of sushi restaurants in Hong Kong with a good variety of them in Causeway Bay. You can find high end establishments to your conveyor belt chains. What we chose was some where in between, Itacho Sushi. The prices weren’t too exorbitant and they had a huge selection of fish as well as some unfamiliar ones, like foie gras sushi. Interesting indeed. One of the things you do need to know about this place is their tablet ordering system. Pretty high tech but you lose that interaction with the sushi…


Katte Shabu Shabu

It was drizzling and, dare I say it, a bit chilly, here in Hong Kong. I was expecting hot, humid, and threatening thunderstorms in March. This was pleasant. Almost felt like I never left San Francisco. Almost. Anyways, it was hot pot weather. Being mid afternoon, I was alone and hungry. I looked up a place that did individual pots. Sure enough a few came up with Katte pulling in high marks. And best of all, it was close by. Though, I should have noticed the reviews were all from lunch. More…



The following night it felt as though we tried to make up for last night’s dinner. So off we go with co-workers to another place. I actually thought it was more of a shabu shabu joint. Not quite. Ten 天, The Oyster and Crab Restauran 100 Tras Street #01-08 6543-6507 / 6543-6508 Verdict: Nope, won’t try again. So many better offerings around. Another fancy place, but at least they delivered what we were expecting. The place was among a series of Japanese restaurants and right next to an Izakaya place….



It was a day of kayaking and swimming. Kailua beach may be windy but it’s a nice escape from busy Waikiki and not as far as North Beach. Not like 30 minutes further meant that much further, but you know what I mean. Just a close get away. We rented a kayak for half the day, which was more like a quarter of the day since the store closes at 5pm. Yeah, we got there around 2pm. Oh well, still pretty fun to kayak to the small islands they have…

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