Sobaten Japanese Cutlet

It was lunchtime and we continued our Japanese food run by hitting up Sobaten Japanese Cutlet. As the name hints, this place specializes in katsu and boy do they do a good job. Not to mention, the variations they have on this Japanese staple. It ranges from chicken, to shrimp, to cheese filled, to mille-feuille, and even cheese filled mille-feuille katsu. There’s plenty to try. Located in the lower level of the Henry House, you’ll need to go down some small stairs to get there. It’s a bit narrow and kinda dark. But…


Fine Day to Try JapaCurry

I looked out of my office window today and saw JapaCurry. A food truck I heard about and being that I love Katsu Curry, it was on my list. And with them sitting outside the office, I had to run down and give it a try. It’s your typical food truck. Order in one window, get your number, and wait for everything at the other window with the rest of the anxious patrons. Thankfully, there weren’t too many at the time I went. So I wasn’t cursing at too many…


Full on Powder Day

The morning started with a nice coat of fresh snow along with a constant dusting. So of course, my buddy understood why we couldn’t wait around to ride with his friends. Coordinating on the mountain would always be impossible. But hearing that it’s a big group, I had a feeling we’d run into them. And just like that, we saw them at lunch. This resort was big, but not that big if you only board the groomers and hit the lodges for lunch. Oh and the top was still closed,…

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