Post Diamond Head Hike Eats

Yep, another hike, a popular hike too. Filled with tourists chugging up the path. It’s not a difficult hike, but it can be a hot one. There’s really not too much shade and if there’s no breeze, make sure you have that bottle of water handy. However, when you get to the top it’ll be worth it. You’ll be surrounded by blue water, a view of Wakiki, and of course, the view of the crater. It’s impressive that this was one of many volcanic craters that formed Hawaii. Neat. The…


Christmas Day

It’s so strange to be in a different country on Christmas. Limited number of friends, no family, and a bustling city that continues on. Yes, New Year’s is a bigger event. Not to mention Chinese New Year, which is where stores do actually close and that the even is celebrated a week long. One great thing that Christmas brought to Taipei was the sales. This trip has a common theme doesn’t it. Shopping. It’s Asian fit so I can’t pass up the opportunity to check out the new styles over…

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