Discovering a Pleasant Purgatory

Utah may not be known for the bar scene, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems in the town of Salt Lake City. Take Purgatory, a place where you can go for a drink, a meal, or both. They opened in 2017 nearby a mortuary which will make you think twice now about its name. But hey, if this is where I need to go to cleanse my soul then order me up a few drinks. Cause I’m going to enjoy this place the best way I can, at the bar. That’s the…


Late Night at Ssäm Bar Momofuku

On the list of restaurants to try is Momofuku. If it isn’t on your list, it should be. David Chang has several restaurants in New York with others worldwide, each one catering to a genre in Asian taste. I wouldn’t come close to saying it’s fusion or even experimental. I’d like to think of it as the classic journey of an artist, pushing the boundaries of modern mediums. Here at Ssäm Bar I got my first glimpse into his work. Reservations were a must, especially with our party of eight. Booking a month advanced, there were…


Late Night in Dotonbori

Thanks to numerous delays on our flight, we arrived to our hotel in Osaka around midnight. That didn’t leave too many options for food. I should have taken into account the long train ride from the airport. It was close to an hour on the express. Still it would have been late and I was starving. So where else to go but to Dotonbori, a food and nightlife spot I love. By this time, shops were closing and people were staggering the streets finding something to quell their buzz. That came in the…


Late Night Animal

I was heading to Los Angeles for the weekend and after a long drive, I decided to stop by a restaurant I always wanted to try out, Animal (or for you Yelpers). The place might be a little hard to find having no sign, but if you look for people lining up on Fairfax, that might be it. Usually, you want to do reservations, but thank goodness they have bar seating. There are about seven seats, and sadly enough, I only needed one. Luckily though, they had exactly one open….

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