Addiction Aquatic Development

It only took three years since I first read about Addiction Aquatic Development from hungryintaipei to pay it place a visit. In retrospect, if I had done so, I would be here all the time. Not good for my wallet. But wonders for my belly. There’s just so much this place has to offer. As a meticulously run fish market slash grocery store slash restaurant options, I could come here for any occasion. Whether it’s a quick prepackaged bite at one of the seat yourself tables or a sit down meal at one of the put my name on the list restaurants, the Addiction Aquatic Development center offers it all. And if you’re thinking it’s just another fish market, you would be wrong, fear of missing out, then missing out, wrong. This place was fancy and well worth a visit, even if it were to only browse.

We went through the market and into the grocery store. It’s quite busy. Obviously with tourists like myself snapping pictures and looking through the super delicious looking bento boxes. But in the halls it’s pretty packed with people eating at the standing tables. It looked difficult to secure a spot. However, for us, we decided to try one of the restaurants.

It was late lunch so the wait wasn’t too long at Tresors de La Mar, a restaurant outside of the market. Inside the restaurant was modern and dimly lit. The blasting air conditioning was such a relief from the outside heat and humidity. I could have fallen asleep here if it weren’t for the anticipation of good food. Yeah, I’m going to be alert for that. The wait staff was very attentive and kept things going at a fast but unrushed pace. The meal was what I’d like to say, a Japanese-Taiwanese meal, a mix of traditional tastes from both cultures. We ordered a lot and unfortunately for this article, I didn’t get to pay for it. So I don’t know how much it all costs. I will say though that I’m am certainly coming back here.

Tresors de La Mer (上引煮海)

2F, No.20, Alley, Lane 410, Minzhu East Road
Taipei, Taiwan
+886 2 2508 1268

Verdict: A must see for seafood lovers.


Seven Sushi

I had another long layover in Taiwan. This time it wasn’t overnight, it was from 5pm to 11:30pm. Yeah, you guessed it. I went into Taipei for dinner. Don’t worry, there was plenty of time even though I hit traffic. For those of you who don’t want to do the airport’s free tour of Taipei, I recommend making your own personalized layover. Here’s all you need to do to pull it off…

P1160853After leaving immigration, we looked for the ‘Bus to city’ sign. It’s in the same place as the ones to the High Speed Rail. We decided not to take the rail because we’d have to travel by MRT to get to SOGO. The bus would take us there.


We chose the Evergreen Bus. There were several stops before getting to my destination, but all in all in would take about 45 minutes, barring any traffic. Round-trip tickets cost NT$230.


Once we got our tickets it was off to the bus stop. There’s other buses there so make sure you get on the right one. Ours was pretty easy. Green and white, same colors as Eva Airlines and wouldn’t you know it, their parent company.


The seats weren’t the most comfortable. But after trekking around Vietnam, these didn’t feel so bad. I actually got in a quick nap.


The drop off was right in front of SOGO as well as the pick up. You can check the schedule for all the buses that go this route. Be sure to check when the last bus leaves for the airport. Vital information to know.

After shopping around for gifts, it was time to eat!

Enter Seven Sushi. This was the second time I came to this restaurant and it’s fast becoming my favorite sushi place in Taiwan. You have to make reservations here and it’s strictly omakase. There are various price ranges, $1200NTD, $1500NTD, $2000NTD, and $2500NTD. We chose $2500NTD and boy did we get a meal. The servers were really attentive. There were about four servers in this little shop which looked as though it could hold about fifteen people tops. Yeah, it’s pretty small. There are a couple of tables, but we sat at the bar. The chef explained every dish to us and I tried to jot everything down. There were, however, some local fish that didn’t have a direct English translation.

The two chefs were very personable as our courses came out. It was a steady stream of tastes that grew in portion size. Plan for at least an hour and a half eating here. We were glad to have some time in between the courses, as you’ll see from all the pictures below.

Tonight’s meal involved seafood from Hokkaido. Most Japanese restaurants seem to be showcasing this region. Great idea. And at Seven Sushi, they had a good variety of fish to try. I loved it. And even though I didn’t get all the names of the fish, I’m pretty sure the courses will change. The chef keeps his menu fluid, changing it constantly. As long as this quality continues, I’m game. Till next my next visit!

Seven Sushi (七道.鮨.新食.料理 )
No. 40 Yanji Street
Songshan District
Taipei, Taiwan
+886 02-2570-1080

Google maps, doesn’t pinpoint the place precisely, so I pinned it here:

Verdict: Find this place and make yourself a reservation. A very good experience.


Handling A Late Night Layover in Taiwan

I had an 8 hour layover in Taiwan. The dreadful thought of lying around in those uncomfortable seats anchored to a power source drew me to the internet. What did I find? Well, you can get a half day tour of Taipei, complete with transportation, for free (more details here). Awesome. But the problem was, I get in at 11pm and fly out at 930am.

What to do?

Let’s eat and sleep the only way a lazy old ox can. That was, a visit to the Xinming Night Market and a night at a love hotel. Yeah, a love hotel because it’s cheap and gives you everything you need, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. My toiletry bag was with my luggage which stayed at the airport. I brought only my backpack. Passed through late night immigrations and on to a taxi to the night market. You should let the curbside attendants know you’re heading someone other than Taipei. Most taxi’s there are heading specifically there. Our driver powered through to our destination within 15 minutes. So I’m not sure how long it’ll normally take.

Even being close to closing, midnight, there were still people about and stands more than willing to serve you up a late night treat. We sampled several before heading off to get a foot massage. Oh I highly recommend getting pampered. Especially after a twelve hour flight and stuffing your face. By the time we were finished, it was time to hit up the motel and get a short nap before my next leg.

Verdict: The night market was pretty small compared to the others. There was only one thing I liked here. So sorry Xinming, I’d rather hit the Taipei ones next time. But if you need something to do overnight, this may be an option.

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